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Los Angeles is a melting pot of culture, ideas, interests, and people. It’s also a pet-loving city, with residents who adore their pets and want to include them in almost every aspect of their daily life. Restaurants with pet-friendly patios, beaches and parks where dogs can be off-leash, and some of the coolest pet trends in the country begin right here in LA. Many startup pet companies are based in the City of Angels, and here we show you some that are worth a second look when you’re in town.


Pet care starts in the home, and the supplies associated with pet ownership are now more stylish and trendy than ever. What was once a noticeable cat litter box or a dog kennel has now become a piece of furniture or a work of art, seamlessly blending into our own personal style of home decor. This has become especially prevalent in Southern California, with stores like KBSPETS Los Angeles offering these discreet pet supply pieces and homeowners boasting their home decor on social media platforms like Instagram. Even stores that have their own nonprofit rescues, like Vanderpump Pets, have fun offerings that reflect Los Angeles culture.


Such designs also extend to what your dog or cat rocks out in public! Pet street wear at its finest cam be found in boutiques on the streets of Rodeo Drive, Ventura Boulevard, and Burbank’s famous Magnolia Avenue. Both for style and utilitarian purposes, more and more dogs are wearing fashionable boots, jackets, and sunglasses during their outings with their humans. With the pavement becoming so hot during the summer months in SoCal, the boots help protect sensitive paws from the searing heat. During the winter (as rare as cold may seem), coats can help insulate small dogs who can’t regulate their body temperatures very well. Many of these boutiques exist in exclusive neighborhoods, such as The Urban Pet in Beverly Hills and Fifi & Romeo in West Hollywood.


Custom stylish dog collars are equally popular, especially for owners who want to showcase their unique style through their pet. Although only a few boutiques and stores offer truly high-end collars, many discriminating pet owners or-der from companies such as Ella’s Lead, DogNerd Designs, and Pinsch Me Designs online, all of which offer the highest quality collars available. For shoppers who prefer browsing a brick and mortar location, California Collar Co. is located in North Hollywood. Their fancy collars have become so popular, in fact, that I’ve seen people stop one another on the street to ask if they’re wearing a California Collar Co. design!


Of course, all these stylish choices mean nothing unless you have somewhere to go. Lucky for Angelinos, the city is incredibly pet friendly (and becoming more so each year)! Malls and stores at The Grove, on Melrose Avenue, and many on Ventura Boulevard in the Valley love having your four-legged family member join in on the shopping experience. Since the pandemic and the influx of outdoor seating, many eateries welcome well-behaved pets to sit with their owners outside (and even offer pet menus). Bakeries and eateries tailored specifically to pets also found their way to popularity— My Pet Naturally on Pico and Three Dog Bakery in Encino are beloved choices.

Other pet-centric shops such as Woof Dog Boutique even offer pet-safe wine! Many local pet-friendly events such as the Vegan Street Fair (annual), Vegan Playground (every Monday), the classic car shows, art street fairies, and more are very welcoming to man’s best friend. Taking your stylish pup out to brunch, dinner, or a friendly pub get-together with friends is a big staple of the LA lifestyle.

But, for those times that you can’t bring your pet with you (such as to clubs and concerts), LA is filled with on-demand pet care startup companies like Wag! and Rover. You can even order mobile grooming (through companies such as Barkbus), mobile vet care, or mobile pet chiropractic services at the touch of your finger by booking an online service. For something a bit more upscale, dog hotels are booming in the city, with trendsetting hot spots like Chateau Marmutt on Beverly Boulevard and D Pet Hotel in Encino becoming popular.

Although these fun LA trends may not be for everyone, they do show that the latest population of pet owners has a new way of thinking about our animals—and we are here for it!


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