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Winter 2022/2023 Issue
Cover Story: Sloane is one of approximately 4,000 beagles rescued over the summer from Envigo Laboratories in Cumberland, Virginia. The United States Humane Society stepped in to coordinate rescue operations from this medical dog breeding laboratory and, with the help of many rescue organizations across the country, found homes for most of the beagles.
This issue highlights several pet health concerns, including bone tumors in dogs and the five stages of degenerative myelopathy. Dr. Lillian Roberts takes a look at household hazards for dogs and cats and provides common sense suggestions for identifying potential problem areas in your home.
You can read the story of a quick-thinking North Shore resident, who contacted Diana Martinez of Animal Samaritans to help save three abandoned kittens. And how Amy’s Purpose, a non-profit organization in Morongo Valley, is helping solve the critical shortage of vet assistants by teaming up with the College of the Desert to provide scholarships toward their seven-month Veterinary Assistant Program.
One of our favorite columnists, Boogie Shoes, returns with a reminder about the importance of dental care. Bow, our Orange County columnist, can be found on our website telling “tails” about Corgi Beach Day, football parties, and more in her online monthly column.
Read the full issue here.

SPECIAL Corgi Issue Highlights:
Cover Story: Jojo is a surfing champion, international celebrity and therapy corgi. He’s also appeared on the Disney+ series, It’s a Dog’s Life. He’s quite the corgi and you can learn more about him in the issue. Since the special issue is all about corgis, we highlight 7 additional “celebri-corgis” who are insta-famous. Dr. John Waterhouse explains both IVDD and DM diseases. Read the full issue here.

Summer 2022 Issue Highlights:
Cover Story: Ricochet (and her human, Judy) reached a fundraising goal of $1,000,000 for the many deserving human and animal causes they support. For the last 14 years, Ricochet has provided therapy for people with disabilities through adaptive surfing, therapy support for military veterans living with PTSD, children and teens with disabilities, and much more. Our Summer issue highlights San Diego’s Fiesta Island, a nearly 500-acre spot for dog lovers to enjoy. Did you know Temecula, CA has a wine region? More than 20 of them are very pet-friendly. We highlight some of our favorites — including Cougar Vineyard and Winery and Oak Mountain Winery.  Dig into the Anatomy of a Veterinary Clinic, learn about Skin Cancer in Pets, and Don’t forget about Lepto. As we move into the fire season in California, there are a couple of articles about Emergency Preparedness. Read the full issue here.

Spring 2022 Issue Highlights
Cover Story: Stevie was found abandoned in a park bathroom in June 2021. A good Samaritan stumbled upon her and noticed her eyes were badly injured. Learn how one person’s act of kindness led Stevie on a healing journey, and second change at life. Our Spring issue is stacked with stories about inspiring pets living their best lives, dogs working to help the environment, spring training and health topics, the scoop on SoCal’s cat cafes, and more. We hope you enjoy this issue, because we truly loved creating it for you. Read the full issue here.

Fall/Winter 2021 Issue Highlights
Cover Story: Apple the Golden  Southern California’s fashion icon and joy spreader. Read about Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers) program providing stress relief and comfort to passengers. Are you considering adopting a pet, check out our pre-adoption tips. Have you heard about the pet-friendly paradise in Southern Utah? Check out Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Roadhouse in Kanab, Utah. Test your knowledge of rare canine breeds. All this and more in the issue! Read the full issue here.

PCM Summer 2021 Cover

Summer 2021
Issue Highlights
Cover Story: Piglet A Deaf Blind Pink Puppy  Piglet will wiggle his way into your heart as he harnesses the power of social media to share his daily adventures. Summer once again brings travel opportunities and PCM learns about RV travel from seasoned RVers. Do you like Guinea Pigs? Veterinarian, Dr. Brittany Yates, talks about their diet … more than just pellets! Living Free Animal Sanctuary in Idyllwild continues to expand their veteran-led program at War Horse Creek,  learn how they work with wild mustangs in their program. All this and more in the issue!  Read the full issue here.

Spring Cover of Pet Companion Magazine highlighting dogs Envy and Zain

Spring 2021

Cover Story: Envy & Zain
Issue Highlights
Read about the Envy and Zain, the hugging border collies who stole the hearts of millions of people online and have become a powerful voice for rescue dogs. As we move into the Spring and start to get the travel itch, car safety comes to mind, read our great tips to help keep your furry passenger safe. Have you heard of “Working Cats?” Learn how hard to place cats have a chance to be re-homed in an environment suited for their needs. The issue highlights crickets as a sustainable pet food solution. All this and more in the issue!  Read the full issue here.

Winter 2020

Cover Story: Antonio Ballatore
Issue Highlights
Read about the Antonio Ballatore and how he creates the perfect environment for pets by designing spaces with their unique personality traits in mind. We meet up again with Charlie, the blind adventure cat and meet his sister, Cherry who is also blind. Are you tired of stressful dog walks? Trainer, Lori Carman, provides some great tips to help make walking a pleasure. There are also a set of 5-minute training session tips for you and your dog. All this and more in the issue!  Read the full issue here.

Summer 2020

Cover Story: Dr. Kwane Stewart The Street Vet
Issue Highlights
Read about the incredible work of of Dr. Kwane Stewart and his life saving impact on the most vulnerable populations of pet owners and their pets.  Tips to beat the heat. Homemade summer snacks you can make at home for your pets. How to prepare your pets for your return to the office. A list of virtual events and more. Read the full issue here.

Spring 2020

Cover Story: Jackson Galaxy
Issue Highlights
Read about Jackson Galaxy and how he has been saving the relationships between cats and their guardians. Learn about Otitis and how it affects your dog’s ears. Looking for summer traveling tips? Little Boogie Shoes has some great suggestions. Pet-friendly events are happening all over Southern California, read about some of our favorites. Read the full issue here.

Fall/Winter 2020
Cover Story:
Issue Highlights
Welcome to our 10th Anniversary Issue of Pet Companion Magazine. We can’t believe we’ve been here for a whole decade! In celebration of being “10” this issue takes a bit of a departure from our standard style to make room for lots of  fun top 10 lists, tips and more.
Read the issue <…>

PCM Sum2019 Cover Charlie

Summer 2019
Cover Story: Charlie
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include: an inspirational cat named Charlie, tips on beating the heat, travel tips, ideas and much more to keep you and your pet “cool” this season.

Read the issue <…>

Spring 2019
Cover Story: Trixie: Ready…Set…Go!
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include: Sniffing Around for a New Home?, Dental Care in Senior Pets, Obesity in Older Dogs, When Accidents Happen …, Is a Pet Hotel a Good Match for your Pet?, Sometimes Your Dog Just Needs a Lift.  Read the issue <…>

Winter 2019
Cover Story:
Bas & Arih: Rescue Dog to Super Dog Stars Team Up With Cammies & Canines
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include: Spay and Neuter Revisited, Warning Signs That Your Cat Might Need To See the Vet, Choosing the Right Winter Clothes for your Dog, Coprophagia: The Cringworthy Practice of Eating Poop, Raising Backyard Chickens, CBD for Pets: What You Need to Know, Is It Really ‘Green’?, The Kennel Club of Palm Springs. Read the issue <…> 


Fall 2018
Cover Story: Surfin’ Jack, The Surfin” Spokesdog
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include Hidden Household Hazards, Know the Difference Between Breed and Disease, Living Free Animal Sanctuary Faces the Cranston Fire and Top Home Trends for Pets and Their People. Read great tips to help train your dog to wear clothes and find out the story behind Sunglass Cat. Read the issue <…>

Summer 2018
Cover Story: Henri Le Frenchie, Gets by with a little help from his friends
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include Pain in Pets, Canine Influenza, Tips on rehoming a Stray Cat. Are you an RVer? See the article with RV travel tips. Heading to the beach? Look for the article about beach essentials.  Read the issue <…>

Spring 2018
Cover Story: Tuna Melts My Heart
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include what to see and do in Laguna Beach, CA, highlights of dog-friendly beaches and vacation planning tips. Periodontal Disease in Cats and Diabetes are the pet-health topics in this issue. Read about how Kids and pets are “good for each other.” Read the issue <…>

Winter 2018
Cover Story: The Wonder of Boo Boo
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include Medical Care of Senior Pets and some of the common diseases found in senior pets — osteoarthritis and mitral valve disease. Read our winter gift guide for dogs as reviewed by Boogie Shoes, and must-have cat products are also highlighted. Our travel spotlight is Solana Beach area of San Diego. Also read training articles and check out the events section. Read the issue <…>


Fall 2017
Cover Story: Patch, Opening the door to a whole new world
Issue Highlights
Featured articles include Understanding Coyotes and how to co-exist with them; Cushing’s Disease in Dogs; So You Think You Want a Snake?; and a grooming article from John Paul Pet about bathing basics. Read about fall fashions for dogs as reviewed by Boogie Shoes, and must-have cat products are also highlighted. Our travel spotlight is the Little Italy area of San Diego. Also read training articles and check out the events section. Read the issue <…>
Summer 2017
Cover Story: Buddy, of Living Free Animal Sanctuary
Issue Highlights
Skin problems for dogs and cats are explained in this issue. Read about summer safety tips and caring for aging pets. Mayor Max of Idyllwild checks in with some annual events, some of San Diego’s favorite spots are reviewed too. Is your cat bored? We’ve got some great tips for keeping your cat active. Read the issue <…>
Spring 2017
Cover Story: Bogart, of the Beagle Freedom Project
Issue Highlights
In this issue we look at marijuana—if it is legal, should you give it to your pet? Is your cat going bald? Read about so possible causes of alopecia. There’s an article about a missing pet and what you can learn from the owner’s experience in locating it. What do you know about the mosquitos in southern California—do you know how to protect yourself and your companions? Plus there are tips about traveling with your pet, from a cat show veteran. Read the issue <…>
Winter 2017
Cover Story: Diva, a beautiful therapy dog
Issue Highlights
Our Winter issue is full of articles! Read about the Standard Poodle of the Desert monthly meet-up, innovative furniture for dogs and cats, and how disabled pets can get the help they need. Have you recently looked at your backyard as a potential smorgasbord for your dog or cat? Learn some of the potential dangers that lurk there. Is your dog prone to ear infections? If so, read this step-by-step article on how to treat ear infections. Read the issue <…>

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