Boogie Shoes: Two Times the Fun


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If you are a regular reader of our magazine, you may remember one of our past cover cats, Charlie. Charlie has no eyes but has been incredibly resilient, growing into an amazing feline. In February of 2020, Charlie’s mom Royce was tagged in a Facebook post asking for help for a blind kitty found in South Los Angeles.

The little kitten in need was only a few days old, had ulcerated eyes, and had been rejected by her mother and other siblings in the litter. So, while the family huddled together in the storage shed, this kitten was abandoned outside, alone. Royce knew she was meant to help this kitten. She reached out to the poster on Facebook and the rescue organization in charge and said she wanted to adopt this kitten, who reminded her so much of Charlie.

Once the kitten was safe at the veterinarian’s office, it was determined that her eyes were too damaged to save, so they had to be removed. Royce welcomed the new kitten home, named her Cherry, and started her on her path to recovery. Cherry proved rather quickly that not having eyes wasn’t going to squelch her curiosity, and her spunky and loving personality blossomed. She loves being outside, playing in the grass, and walking on a leash.

These days, Cherry and Charlie are living their very best lives. They are not typical house cats, but rather adventure cats. They hike, kayak, camp, and do everything their mom and dog siblings do. You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @twoblindtabbies.PHOTO COURTESY @TWOBLINDTABBIESPHOTO COURTESY @TWOBLINDTABBIES»

When their mom Royce was asked what inspired her to include them in her outdoor adventures, she said, “Why not? I wanted them to have as much enrichment as they could and enjoy every minute of their lives.”

BOOGIE SHOES is a two-pound Chihuahua with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that challenges his motor skills and gives him his “boogie.” Despite his disability, he is thriving and living his best life. @littleboogieshoes


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