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Southern California has no shortage of celebrities, and that includes the four-legged kind. Let us introduce you to just a few of our local Goldie Palooza™ regulars whose stars are on the rise on social media platforms like Instagram.


AUBREY @pawbrey_

Aubrey is a 3-yearold golden retriever, known online as Pawbrey. She was adopted during COVID-19 and was named after her human’s favorite rapper, Drake (his full name is Aubrey Drake Graham). She quickly became a lovable social media sensation who makes furry friends, loves magic, and doesn’t believe in hiding her facial expressions.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Aubrey enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend Bruno, another golden retriever. They get to play almost every day, and if Aubrey misses a day, she gets angry and takes it out on her toys.

INFLUENCER MOMENT: She became an influencer when a video went viral of her after she swallowed a bee and it stung her mouth. After the vet visit, her dad decided that her daily escapades would make other people smile, too, so he posted them to TikTok.

FAVORITE CELEBRI-GOLDIE MOMENT: My favorite celebri- goldie moment was when I threw a block party for all the dogs in my neighborhood. A lot of my followers and friends came to the event—it was inspired by Goldie Palooza™ and similar events I’ve been to in the past. A ton of people came up to us and treated Aubrey like a celebrity—it was so much fun!

Skye @Socalgolden


Skye Bear is following in her heavenly sister’s paw prints. Skye (named after the sunsets her human loves; her entire name is Windchime Chase the Sunset Skye) came to us at 9 weeks while we still had Abby, who was 11 at the time. Skye gave Abby a renewed sense of energy. Skye was a typical mischievous pup who thought Abby’s tail was the best toy ever. And Abby was so patient.

INFLUENCER START: Skye is carrying on in Abby’s paw prints, where loving life and spreading kindness and joy has always been a priority. Mom Jenn says, “With secondary progressive MS, it is important for me to enjoy the present, and this is Skye’s life—we take time to sojourn together. People feel the love from our account and, truly, that’s what matters most.”

CELEBRI-GOLDIE MOMENT: Someone once heard my highpitched dog-mom voice at the first Goldie Palooza™ and knew it was us! She ran past me to Abby! BEST!

FAVORITE RESCUE ORG: “We advocate for golden rescues of any kind, and we’ve volunteered for more than a decade, so we know firsthand the beauty of rescuing. We’re getting Skye’s Good Citizen and therapy accreditation so we can visit veterans and provide a measure of joy for those who so deserve it.”

Dwight & Ashley Harris @dwightliketheoffice


Dwight’s dad Trevor Semmens is a professional skier, and Dwight (named after the icon Dwight Schrute from the show, The Office) can often be spotted frolicking on the endless white snow, where he might just lay and bask in his glacial kingdom for hours.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Hiking is a daily ritual for this adventurous pooch, and a stick is never far from his mouth. Dwight also participates in cross-country skiing and snowmobiling with his beloved humans. When the temperatures rise, the clear blue expanse of Lake Tahoe’s famed waters becomes his summer oasis, where swimming is not just a pastime but a passion.

INFLUENCER START: I really started Dwight’s page for fun—I just wanted to put out funny videos showing Dwight and how he is so chill, wearing clothes and hats. And people were really into his videos— some garnered as many as 9 million views! Dwight enjoys wearing costumes or hats, and I swear, if he could speak, he’d have the craziest things to say. He communicates with his expressive amber eyes and a vocabulary of barks that somehow makes perfect sense.

Dwight is my best friend, and I want to bring him everywhere, so I try to share as many pet-friendly hotels, hot spots, and restaurants where you can feel good about bringing your dog, because who wants to have their dog live a life just in the house? Not me!

Dwight, at his core, is a living testament to the boundless joy and love a dog brings into a home. His journey isn’t just about the Instagram likes or the follower count. It’s about touching lives through a screen—bringing a smile to faces and reminding us all of the simple pleasures of nature’s playground.

Chase & Chester @chasin_chester


Chase and Chester are a father and son golden retriever duo best known for their good looks and humorous videos. We started our account back in 2017, when it was just Chester as a young pup. Our account followed his adventures and goofy antics for several years, and in 2022 we added to our pack with Chester’s biological son, Chase! We thought Chester was a slightly quirky and fun name for a dog, and it seemed to match his personality once we got to know him. We named Chase after our account, @chasin_chester, but as it turns out, Chase is the one that will chase after just about anything— squirrels, butterfly shadows, birds, you name it! The names somehow wound up fitting each of them perfectly.

The boys have big smiles, huge personalities, and some slightly exaggerated facial expressions (including their signature derps). Chester is also known for the fact that, despite being a golden retriever (generally known to be natural swimmers), Chester is not a natural swimmer.

This is the story behind our children’s book, Chester’s Big Splash, written and illustrated by Chester’s Mom. Chester was always curious but nervous around water, until we got him swim lessons. He just had to try to discover something he loves!

CELEBRI-GOLDIE MOMENT: We love the everyday notes and comments from people about how Chase and Chester make their days better, and quite simply, how they just make people smile. We hear from folks going through tough times, those that have lost their beloved pets, or some weighed down by the world’s events, and they often thank us for sharing because it brings a smile to their face despite whatever they may be going through. So, it’s not really one moment but all those small moments that keep us going and keep us sharing.

FAVORITE RESCUE ORG: We’ve always had a soft spot for Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (SCGRR)—they’re local to us and we believe in their mission.

Lady the Golden Retriever @ladyandtheblues


Lady (named after Lady and the Tramp! It was my dream to have my own golden retriever named Lady since I was a kid.) is a sweet, funny, almost 5-year-old golden retriever. She’s famous for her morning grumpy face, puppy eyes, boop skills, ballerina jumps, and many more unique antics. She recently became a big sister to baby sister Olivia, and now these two are the Internet’s cutest sister duo, with matching outfits and big smiles.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Lady’s favorite activity is going to the beach to do zoomies and splish-splash. She jumps so high, trying to catch the water or sand in mid-air!

CELEBRI-GOLDIE MOMENT: We have been invited to a lot of movie premieres. I always love going to those. It is such a LA thing that the dogs get all the spotlights at events like that, just like real celebrities.

FAVORITE RESCUE ORG: We are huge supporters of both SCGRR and The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue (GRCGLA) Rescue. We fostered seven puppies in 2023, and Lady was a great foster sister to them all. We are hoping to get back to fostering when we’ve had more time with our 9-month-old baby.

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