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EZ LickTM Foldable Dog Water Bottle

The foldable dog water bottle is the ultimate all-in-one solution for hydrating your pet without the mess or bulk of other bowls and gear. Ideal for keeping your dog hydrated around town, on the road or on the trail, the hassle-free system helps ensure pups on the go are getting their recommended daily water intake. Featuring the 0.7L (23 oz) Wide Mouth Anti-Bottle® and patented PupCapTM with lick-activated technology, EZ LickTM stands when full and rolls up when empty. It’s an easy to use, compact and spill-proof way to hydrate pups while adventuring.

Vapur®, creators of the foldable, reusable Anti-Bottle®, now offers a patented hydration solution designed specifically for man’s best friend — the EZ LickTM Foldable Dog Water Bottle.

Wear the Damn Mask

Beloved social media star and canine fashion icon Izzy the Frenchie wittily explains why it’s so important we all wear face masks to battle COVID-19 in WEAR THE DAMN MASK (Gallery Books; on-sale November 17). Order Wear The Damn Mask @gallerybooks @simonandschuster @izzythe.frenchie

Mattey’s Mutts of Palm Springs Luxury Small Dog, Puppy or Cat Vests

Available in fashionable solids and outrageous patterns. Anti-pill fleece and summer-weight fabrics are washable, fade-resistant and lovingly handcrafted in SoCal. Fully lined interior cradles your pet, providing comfort and security, and the reflective webbed handle allows for easy lifting. Leash hook on back for added control. Fits pets from 2 to 20+ pounds.

Little Boogie Shoes & Bust A. Moves 2021 Calendar

The Boogie & Buster 2021 Calendar will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. In this year’s edition, social media sensation Little Boogie Shoes introduces the world to his new adopted brother, Bust A. Moves. Both dogs are adopted and have neurological conditions that impair their ability to walk, but that doesn’t stop these two wobbly guys from living their best life and inspiring others to consider pet adoption. Learn more about Boogie & Buster at and be sure to follow them both on Facebook and Instagram at @littleboogieshoes and @bust.a.moves

Lucy Pet Kettle Creations™, stews are like homemade meals for your best friend. Crafted in small batches and slow-cooked, our special recipes feature cage-free, growth hormone-free, boneless chicken, duck, and salmon. Fresh pumpkin and other vegetables support healthy digestion. Our Stew recipes have a scrumptious gravy that will satisfy even the pickiest dogs and cats. We offer a variety of formulas with unique consistencies, ranging from an extra meaty texture to a hearty stew, to a pleasing soup that will have your pet licking their lips. Complete and Balanced, you can serve as a full meal or add to Lucy Pet Foods dry formulas. We offer grain-free formulas and also formulas with wholesome whole grains. Available in select Independent Pet Stores, Amazon and

Mjau Home makes beautiful, modern cat furniture that doesn’t look like cat furniture. You can customize the height and orientation of their Cube modules, which are offered with two base styles (contemporary and mid-century) and five cushion colors to suit your home’s decor and kitty’s coat. Their pieces are built to last a lifetime, with replaceable soft surfaces and accessories like cardboard scratcher inserts. These products have an average 5-star rating and customers praise them for their stylish looks, study build, and exceptional, personalized customer service (which includes complimentary goodie boxes for every kitty).

Charlee Bear’s Grain Free Meaty Bites

These raw, freeze-dried meat treats are comprised of only two wholesome ingredients: a protein and a fruit or vegetable, plus added probiotics! Made in the USA by a family-owned company, these natural treats do not contain any soy, grains, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Available in six mouthwatering flavors, including Chicken & Cranberries and Beef Liver & Sweet Potatoes.

Big Barker Dog Bed

Made in the USA, the Big Barker Dog Bed is the first therapeutic mattress designed, tested, and proven to help big dogs lead long, activated, quality lives. The Big Barker bed is uniquely engineered to keep dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best. In a clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania, owners reported that the Big Barker bed reduced joint pain, and improved joint function & gait in large dogs with arthritis.

Flippin’ Fish with Catnip is an animated interactive cat toy that cats go crazy for! Cats will love the realistic looking fish that flips and flops its tailfin just like a real fish out of water! It’s touch activated motor flips the fish’s tail when cats start playing with it. The action automatically stops when cats stop playing. But the fun can last for hours! The 11.5-in. size is perfect for cats who love to hug and kick. Flippin’ Fish is rechargeable and includes a USB charging cable so it’s always charged and ready for kitty. Also included is a bag of catnip for even more fun. Zipper closure on the belly makes it easy to add the catnip bag and allows for removal of the durable outer skin for cleaning.

Americat Company’s cat toy balls are made in the USA and handcrafted to spin and wobble as they roll, keeping cats entertained. With only 2 simple ingredients—recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue—this cat toy variety pack is super safe for cats and their humans! These eco-friendly cat toys are also recyclable. Treat your cat to new toys and Americat Company’s other made in the USA cat products.

Doggie Daily Essentials are made with human-quality ingredients and don’t contain any of the suspicious ingredients you find in most dog treats like plant cellulose (AKA wood chips), corn, wheat, or any artificial ingredients/preservatives. Hammer took the best ingredients from all of their supplements, mixed it with natural beef flavor, and cooked up a dog treat that will keep your dog feeling young, calm, and rejuvenated. The CBD plays an important role, too. It helps restore vitality and playfulness for older dogs while helping calm down rambunctious pups. These treats went through extensive testing and are pulling in many 5-star (or 5-bark) reviews! Available in a 60-count container.

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