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When was the last time you flew in an airplane with your pet? Was it relaxing or did it go something like this:

  • A stressed-out pet panting, refusing food, or worse because they don’t understand what’s happening.
  • Pulling and pushing your pet in and out of their pet carrier so they can go through check in and security.
  • Looking for a bathroom for your pet, or even worse having to trek back through security for bathroom breaks?
  • Cramming your pet carrier under the seat in front of you and telling your pet you’re so sorry you can’t hold them.
  • Worrying yourself sick wondering if your gentle giant is surviving in the cargo hold/baggage area.
  • Getting the stink eye from the flight staff when you try to hold and comfort your pet in your lap.
  • The person seated next to you that is “allergic” to pets or flat out “hates animals.”

We’ve been there, and we have a solution: Desert Jet

Desert Jet is a full-service private jet company located at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport in Thermal, CA that serves people and pets aboard our private jet charters and at our executive FBO facility… emphasis on pets. We pride ourselves on creating a pet friendly and relaxing environment for our four-legged travelers.

When you and your pet fly with us, they’ll have access to our FBO passenger lounge “Paw Bar” for snacks and fresh water, and easy access to clean pet relief areas for potty breaks before or after the flight. On board our jets, your pet can sit securely with you inside the cabin, not in a crate under the seat or in the baggage hold. 

Flying is the best choice for pet families who travel.  Desert Jet will ensure that you and your pets arrive stress free, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever is awaiting you at your next destination. Are you ready to board?

Read more about Desert Jet in our current issue by clicking here.

Photograph of woman boarding plane with dog
Pet Companion Mag
Southern California's Local Pet Magazine


  1. Thanks for the post. It will helpful for many pet lovers who are willing to fly with their pets.


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