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by Lilian S. Barber

The Kennel Club of Palm Springs is one of the leading and most prestigious dog clubs in the United States and puts on one of the premier dog shows in this country (if not in the entire world), as well as one of the largest, with entries close to the 4,000 mark. The venue is the classy and spacious Empire Polo Grounds in Indio.

Plans are well under way for the January 5–8, 2023 show. Since details are not yet complete, progress can be followed on the club’s website ( Up-to-date information about the club’s meetings and other activities can also be found on the website. KCPS meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, except during July and August. New information regarding meeting locations and current dog obedience classes sponsored by KCPS can be found on the club’s website.

Because dog shows can be a little confusing for people not familiar with the judging and ring procedures, KCPS is planning on conducting a form of guided tour during the shows to explain the way things work. Most members will be wearing clothing with the KCPS logo and will be easily identifiable and willing to answer questions about the show or suggest where information might be available. A large dog show is a great place for prospective dog owners to learn more about different breeds and their characteristics. Most exhibitors are happy and willing to answer questions once they have shown their dog (especially if they have done some winning!).

Another great feature of the KCPS show is the large building full of vendors, selling every conceivable dog-connected item, from quality dog supplies and equipment for walking and housing canines, to comfortable and stylish clothing and accessories for their owners. The January event will be an occasion no dog lover should miss!

Additional up-to-date information about upcoming shows can be obtained from the superintendent, Jack Bradshaw (

Mark your calendar and plan on attending our dog shows. There is an all-day parking fee of $20 per vehicle. Entrance is free for a vehicle full of dog lovers and enthusiasts!

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