Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips


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Top 5 Travel Tips

Many of us will hop aboard a train, plane or automobile to be with our loved ones this holiday season.  If you are a pet parent, the thought of leaving your furry friend behind is probably not an option. We’ve put together a few travel tips to help you plan for a successful journey:

  1. Traveling by car:  Consult the interstate and international travel regulations to make sure you’ve got all the documentation you’ll need, and brush up on any new changes.  As tempting as it is to let your furry wingman ride along in your lap,  a secure crate or safety harness is recommended to keep pets from roaming around the vehicle.

2. Traveling by air:  When booking your flight, let the airline know you are traveling with your pet and ask what you’ll need to provide in terms of health certificates and pet fee during check in. Be sure to allow time for a pre-check in potty break and if you have a layover locate the airport potty areas.

3. Pack for your pet:  Food, treats, bed, blanket, clothing, medication, potty pads, grooming supplies, and a crate or baby gate to create a safe place during festive but crowded gatherings.

4. Locate resources:  Locate the nearest animal hospital, emergency clinic and animal shelter in the town you are visiting and make note of their contact information and holiday hours. There is nothing more terrifying than having an unexpected pet emergency in an unfamiliar area, and not knowing where to go. Additionally, seek out local dog parks or popular pet friendly walking paths or trails to visit.

5. Update your pet’s microchip & ID tag:  Be sure the correct phone number is on your pet’s ID tag, and that the microchip information is correct. If you pet gets lost while you are in route or out of town, good citizens, shelters and veterinarians will check for these first to try and contact you.

Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience, and being prepared is the most important step.  Start planning now, so you and yours can enjoy a stress free, furry holiday.

Do you have any tips for traveling with your pets? Let us know in the comments section below!


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