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April 22, 2022 — This is Tofu’s Story. Tofu has been in the care of Animal Samaritans since April 5th. A good Samaritan found Tofu after he’d been hit by a car. Tofu suffered major injuries. His chance of survival was 50/50 at best. Animal Samaritans’ team sprung into action to save his life.

Since arriving at Animal Samaritans, Tofu has received diagnostic testing, a blood transfusion, pain management, IV fluid therapy, local anesthetic block, a urinary catheter, manual bladder expression, and of course, lots of love from our staff and volunteers.

At Animal Samaritans every life is precious. Every life is worth saving.

Valerie Kattz, Animal Samaritans

As of this posting, Tofu has been at Animal Samaritans’ Thousand Palms Clinic over 16 days and during this time, he has shown incredible improvement. Currently, Tofu spends his days recovering in our clinic manager’s office.

His blood work has improved, but we are still monitoring his anemia. We’re also happy to report that he no longer requires manual bladder expressions. His ribs are still displaced, but he is receiving pain management to keep him comfortable as he heals. Now that he is on the road to recovery, his personality is beginning to shine!

Tofu LOVES going for walks around the hospital and he especially enjoys going outside and feeling the ward breeze flow through his furry coat. We’re working on his socialization with strangers, and he is warming up more to people. He’s now able to go for longer walks and he has even began to jump to great his favorite staff members!

Animal Samaritans will continue to give him the medical care he needs, and the love and affection he deserves. Once fully healed, Tofu will be available for adoption through our Animal Samaritans’ No Kill Shelter. The cost of Tofu’s treatment ranges between $7,000.00 and $10,000.00. Tofu had no family to pay for his treatment. THIS is why the life-saving programs at Animal Samaritans are so vital. Without it, dogs like Tofu would not survive. We will continue to post updates on his journey to recovery. YOU can help Tofu, and other homeless pets like him, by making a donation today, at 


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