Adopting a Senior Pet


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Adopting a senior pet is one of the most rewarding experiences. Not only are you saving the life of a special animal, but you are gaining a loving, easy-going, and loyal member to your family. Senior dogs and cats are incredible companions who have a lot more to offer than people realize.

When you adopt a senior pet, you are giving that animal a chance to live out the rest of their lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, senior dogs and cats are overlooked and under-adopted in shelters due to their age. Sadly, this means many of them end up listed for euthanasia. Even no-kill animal rescues struggle to find homes for senior pets, with some animals staying for years or even the rest of their lives in a kennel environment … waiting for a family to take them home.

What people don’t realize is that senior pets are some of the best animals to adopt. They are instant companions. They tend to be calmer and gentler, and they make perfect late-night snuggle buddies. Older dogs prefer to stay quietly by your side, unlike puppies, who are still in their search-and-destroy phase. And chances are that a senior cat would rather snooze in the sun than bounce off the walls, using your furniture for a climbing and scratching post.

Older dogs most likely have received some obedience training and will respond to commands. Senior cats are already litter trained and know basic household etiquette. You will already know how big the pet will be, what color it is, and its medical history. In other words, what you see is what you get. When you adopt a senior pet, the quality of love you receive is what matters. While senior dogs or cats may be in the golden years of life, they will give you more joy and tenderness than you can imagine. These hard-to-place pets always seem to know that you gave them a home when no one else would.

You can be a hero to a deserving senior dog or cat by opening your heart and home to these very special pets. The next time you are thinking about adopting from a shelter, look into the eyes of a senior dog or cat and think about the love you have to give and the devotion that they will give you in return.SAVE

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