On the Go with Bow: Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply


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Pet Companion Magazine has found its four-on-the-floor correspondent to report from the Orange County area. Bow, a 2-year-old labradoodle, makes her home in Fullerton with her fur parents, Brady and Tonia. She enjoys morning massages, all things ball-related and play-dates with her BFF, a malanoise mastiff named Ryu. Her adventures at parks, businesses, beaches, hiking trails and other spots are highlighted here. 

Pooch Quarterbacks Own Adventure

By Brady Rhoades

Seconds after exiting the car, Bow made friends with Gunny, a 10-month-old boxer, and Oliver, a 13-year-old poodle mix, in the Anaheim Feed parking lot.

At the entrance to the store, she buddied up with Priscilla Jimenez, a staffer and a greeter in customer service. It was a high-octane, two-way surprise party.

“Hi there!” Jimenez said. “Yes, yes, yes, love, love, love.”

Later, my 2-year-old labradoodle took a break from investigating a wide, eye-level shelf and greeted Tina, who works on the floor. Nice job not tackling her, Bow. You sat, wiggled your rump and took in the Rub A Dub Dub.

“Want to try a treat?” Tina asked.

Oh yeah.

This is one of Bow’s favorite spots in Orange County. I let her call the plays for a spell, which meant non-linear, almost-timeless visits with canines, sniffing Alaskan cod chips and anything that wasn’t packaged, playing with a JIGGLERZ, heckling an unimpressed cat and going home with beef gullet sticks.

The last on that list was per my agenda. Everything else: not so much. And that’s about right, isn’t it? Anaheim Feed is jam packed with pets, people, treats, smells, things that deserve a closer look. For Bow, it’s Disneyland.

And she’s not the only one.

Gunny and Oliver are regulars, too.

“We come here to walk around and practice,” said Jeanette Jones, Gunny’s human. Gunny, who’s still working on his impulse control, was champing at the bit. Oliver, on the other hand, spent a few minutes with Bow and was over it, making a beeline to his car — and, likely, a nap.

When you’re a kid like Gunny or Bow, you can’t eat enough candy or explore too much. You want to knock around until the night parade starts rolling. When you’re spry but deeply into middle age like Oliver, a little browsing will do.


What: Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply

Where: 1730 Lemon St. in Anaheim

For sale: Foods, vitamins, hygiene products, grooming tools, litter, toys, accessories, beds, fish and bird stuff and more.

Brady Rhoades
Brady Rhoades reports from Orange County on the escapades of PCMs four-on-the-floor correspondent, Bow, a 2-year-old labradoodle. Bow enjoys morning massages, all things ball-related and play-dates with her BFF, a malanoise mastiff named Ryu. Look on our website for her adventures at parks, businesses, beaches, hiking trails and other spots.


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