Little Boogie Shoes: Pet Holidays to Celebrate This Spring


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Each new season brings us plenty of reasons to celebrate, but spring always feels special because with it comes the feeling of hope and possibility. My pack and I enjoy the warmer weather springtime brings, the new treats our mom makes us, and our favorite day of all is May 3rd, Specially-abled Pets Day, a holiday set aside to celebrate pets like me who live with unique abilities. Luckily, springtime brings us many pet holidays that we can all celebrate and learn from. I’ve put together a list of holidays I’ll be celebrating, and I invite you to join in on the fun.


April reminds us that prevention and safety should always be a priority when it comes to our pet’s well-being, encouraging us to update our pet’s ID tags, get necessary testing for heartworm, prepare a first-aid kit for potential emergencies, and a few special days to give a “paws up” to shelter dogs, veterinarians, and working guide dogs.

Canine Fitness Month

Founded by FitPaws, Canine Fitness Month encourages pets and their owners to lead more active, happier lives. Canine fitness month is a great time to join a new training class with your dog, explore canine sports like flyball, go for more walks and hikes, and find unique ways to get your canine moving!

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

An effort by the American Red Cross, this awareness day aims to educate owners on pet first aid and to bring attention to how important it is to know specialized first aid for your pet.

Learning Pet CPR and taking a Pet First Aid Course could help you save your pet’s life if you recognize signs of distress or emergency.

Holidays of Awareness and Celebration

Every Day is Tag Day | April 2
National Hug Your Dog Day | April 10
National Pet Day | April 11
National Lost Dog Awareness Day | April 23
International Guide Dog Day | April 27
World Veterinary Day | April 30
Adopt a Shelter Pet Day | April 30

Breed-Specific Celebration Days

International Bull Terrier Day | April 1
National Siamese Cat Day | April 6
National Catahoula Day | April 8
Bulldogs are Beautiful Day | April 21
National Beagle Day | April 22

National Heartworm Awareness Month

The American Heartworm Society ( reports that most pet owners would not knowingly put their pet at risk to become infected with the deadly disease, yet millions of these same owners fail to protect their pet from the infestation. This month, pet owners are urged to get their pet a heartworm test, and to learn as much as they can about prevention, as no state in the U.S. is heartworm free.


The month of May is host to a variety of holidays that touch on topics of emergency preparedness, pet fostering, and my other favorite day, May 14, International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, to name just a few!

National Foster Care Month

Becoming a pet foster parent is one of the most impactful ways to volunteer your time and give a homeless animal a second chance at life. By fostering a pet, you free up space at the shelter or rescue, which allows them to accommodate another animal in need. Learning how to foster animals in your community is as easy as reaching out to your local shelter or rescue and attending their volunteer orientation.

National Scoop the Poop Week | May 1–7

While you may not consider poop a hot topic for small talk, a conversation about scooping your pet’s poop is one that everyone can benefit from. According to waste clean-up service, Doody Calls, America’s dogs collectively deposit 10 million tons of waste per year. When not properly disposed of, pet waste can be a major source of bacteria, and leaving it on the ground increases public health risks. Waste left behind can be rolled in, tracked into your home via your pet’s paws, or worse, ingested by accident, which could lead to serious illness.

Chip Your Pet Month

Microchipping your pet gives him or her a better chance of being returned to you if they happen to get lost and turned into a shelter, animal hospital, or clinic. A microchip can be inserted into your pet at your veterinarian’s office, and some animal shelters will offer this service to the public. If your pet is already microchipped, this month is a great time to make sure the information on your pet’s chip is up to date.


June has us coming into the home stretch of spring, focusing on kitten season, disaster preparedness, and some lighthearted fun, like take your cat to work day. Let us know if you try that one!

Adopt-a-Cat Month® from American Humane

American Humane celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month® each June—a month that also marks the height of “kitten season,” when large litters of kittens are born, often ending up in animal shelters. For more information about welcoming a cat into your family, visit the American Humane website at

National Pet Preparedness Month

Originally timed for the first month of hurricane season, this awareness campaign urges pet guardians to take precautions to be prepared for any disaster. Californians should be prepared to evacuate with their pets in the event of an earthquake, fire, flood, or other disaster. Making a plan that includes your pet decreases the odds they will have to be left behind for lack of proper planning or equipment.

June Holidays of Celebration

Hug Your Cat Day | June 4
World Pet Memorial Day | June 14
Take Your Cat to Work Day® | June 20
Take Your Dog to Work Day® | June 24

Breed-Specific Celebration Days

International Sheltie Day | June 1
International Corgi Day | June 4
Peruvian Hairless Dog Day | June 12
National Dachshund Day | June 21

(Fun fact: National Dachshund Day was intentionally chosen to coincide with the summer solstice—celebrating the long dogs on the longest day of the year!)

May Holidays of Awareness and Celebration

National Specially-abled Pets Day | May 3
National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day | May 8
National Rescue Dog Day | May 20
National Dog Mom’s Day | May 14

Breed-Specific Celebrations Days

National Purebred Dog Day | May 1
German Shepherd Day | May 10
International Chihuahua Appreciation Day | May 14

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