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the CAT TONGUE® by My Pet Designs™ is a ceramic cat feeding bowl, handmade and imported from Japan. An innovative, custom design increases efficiency in eating with ergonomics in mind, which works especially well with senior cats and messy eaters. A wide entry and low (0.3”) entry height provide easy access and avoid whisker and chin contact. The main Pocket’s slopes and angles gather food back to the middle. Specially placed 14 Bumps hold food that comes out of the Pocket, to assist in easy pickup. Two slopes on the back wall assist a cat to easily pick up its food without its nose getting in the way. Elongated edges prevent food from falling outside of the bowl. 1/4 & 1/8 cup measurements assist for specific food servings and weight management.

The CAT TONGUE® is difficult to flip over. Cats can eat lying down, due to its ideal entry height; great for handicapped cats. For owners, the bowl is stackable, easy to hold and carry, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. By lessening unnecessary head movement and creating stress-fee and efficient eating, test results show the CAT TONGUE® reduces feeding time by 30% compared to other bowls on the market. The custom ceramic and glaze are bacteria resilient, tested for Lead and Cadmium, FDA approved, and BPA/phthalate free.

The concept of the CAT TONGUE® was created when Yuko, our designer, rescued ten feral cats and found feeding difficult for her new feline friends. Our mission is to create the perfect bowl for all cats and promote efficient eating. Visit

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