Fall Fashion: Boogie’s Top Picks


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Let’s face it, we dogs need to look and feel good when we’re lounging around the house, posing for selfies or taking our humans on outdoor adventures. Luckily, I got a sneak peek at some of the hottest items on the market when I attended SuperZoo this year. I’ve put together a list of the most comfy, cozy, safe, durable and stylish items you and your human need to continue living your best life.

Bone Vivant Sidney T-Shirt

Luxuriously soft and eco friendly, the Sidney T-shirt by Bone Vivant (BV) is a must-have for dogs of all sizes. Handmade in Los Angeles from up/recycled materials, this lightweight, breathable t-shirt with signature velvet trim is perfect for shielding the sun or keeping your pup warm on cool summer nights. The Sidney T-shirt is long sleeved, but BV offers a variety of shirts in tank styles as well.

Bone Vivant was created out of necessity for a little Pomeranian named Napoleon. Napoleon developed Alopecia X, causing him to lose most of his hair, and during that time he always needed to wear clothes to protect him from the elements. His parents, founders Kenny and Wendi Tanner, couldn’t find clothes they loved or that were comfortable enough for him, so they created their own. Bone Vivant is located in Malibu, California, but ships worldwide. bonevivant.com

Pooch Outfitters Neckties

If you know me, you know I love bow ties! So I was thrilled to meet the folks of Pooch Outfitters in person and see that their shirt collar and bow tie selection is still growing. They have so many new designs, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Based in Santa Monica, California, Pooch Outfitters is dedicated to creating a line that keeps up with the lifestyle of today’s trendy pooches. Their fun and modern designs are of excellent quality and made to last. poochoutfitters.com

Klippo Pajamas

Dog pajamas have been pretty popular for a while and it’s a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Klippo makes adorable and soft pajamas in super cute and hip prints. Each pair is accented with two functional pockets—good for hiding those late-night snacks! A small D ring is also attached to the top snap to attach your ID tag or Klippo charm (each pair comes with a Klippo charm). My favorites are the yellow duckies and the monkey fleece pajamas shown here, but they have new designs coming out all the time, so I’m sure I’ll have some new favorites soon! Visit the Klippo website for a full list of retailers. Who’s ready for a pajama party? klippopet.com

Gold Paw Series Rain Paw Jacket

The Rain Paw jacket by Gold Paw Series is an elegant, all-season rain jacket in a fabric you won’t find anywhere else. Skip the excess seams, flaps, draw cords, Velcro and zippers in favor of a beautifully draped, easy-fitting design that provides a perfect balance of coverage and freedom of movement. Gold Paw’s exclusive stretchy, water- and windproof Suppletec™ is non-toxic and moves with your dog, eliminating gaps and rubbing. The Rain Paw is made in California of recycled and non-toxic materials, has reflective webbing, is machine washable and is now available in five new colors in the following sizes: 10/12, 14/16, 18/20, 22/24 and 26/28. Running around town with your human on a rainy day is going to be no problem this year! goldpawseries.com

Chilly Dog Sweaters

Weekend getaways to the mountains mean you’ve got to stay warm and look good doing it. While your humans are out shredding it on the mountain, you can be lounging on the sofa, enjoying a bone in front of the fire, wrapped in your Chilly Dog Sweater. These thick, 100% wool sweaters are handmade by Inca Artisans in South America, can fit sizes from teacup to Great Dane, and have designs for every style. I personally love the Nordic design, but there are so many designs you are sure to find one that fits your style. Don’t get left out in the cold! chillydogsweaters.com

K-9 Sport Sack

The K-9 Sport Sack was created so your pet could tag along on adventures comfortably and safely. As seen on the TODAY show, the K-9 Sport Sack makes bike rides, motorcycling, hiking, shopping and anything else you can think of a whole new experience with your best friend riding on your back. Made for dogs up to 30 pounds, the ergonomic design envelopes your pooch for a comfy ride, and the straps and D-ring hookup ensure your dog cannot jump or fall out. k9sportsack.com

Messy Mutt Silicone Feeder

Messy eaters, unite! The folks at Messy Mutt have designed a bowl that lets you chow down like a beast without the messy clean up for your human. The Silicone Feeder has a non-slip silicone base that prevents damage to your floors, holds the stainless steel bowl in place and contains messes with the wide lip and raised-edge border.

The Messy Mutts Silicone Feeder is made from food-grade silicone, BPA- and PVCfree and dishwasher safe; it can be used indoors or outdoors; and it comes in stylish colors that match your home. Let’s eat! messymutts.ca

Ultra Paw Grip Socks

You and your dog are going to love these socks! The Ultra Paw Grip Socks are one of a kind because they don’t have the interior threads that other patterned socks do, which means they never snag on your dog’s claws. They come in vibrant, colorful patterns that were designed exclusively for Ultra Paws, and they have a generous swirl of silicone on the bottom for traction. They’re great on their own for traction and warmth, or they can be worn with any of our boots for added warmth in cold conditions. Dog socks can be a great item to have on hand for dogs who have trouble walking on tile or uncarpeted surfaces (like me), or have a paw injury that needs to heal safely. ultrapaws.com

JCLA Diamond Cut Bag

Just because your dog is always by your side, it doesn’t mean everyone has to know. You don’t have to sport a bag with telltale mesh across the top and sides any more. The JCLA Diamond Cut De-LUXE Carrier will shield your pup from adoring fans with a one-way glass effect (your pup can see out, but people can’t see in). The Diamond Cut De-LUXE is designed to mimic a regular handbag, made from vegan leather, and roomy enough to carry a dog weighing up to 17 pounds (or two smaller dogs). The Diamond Cut bag has adjustable straps, removable and washable interior plush cushion, two leash clips for pup safety, and three pockets for your personal belongings. jclaboutique.com


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