The Bond Between K9 Officers and Their Dogs


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The relationship between dogs and humans has been very well documented throughout history. When you add to that kinship the forces of danger and duty, the relationship finds a whole new strength. Much like human police partners, there is a deep level of trust between a K9 officer and his canine counterpart. This sensible alliance is not just a “sweet story” from an outside perspective: It’s a bond that saves lives.

Every day, an officer and his dog come together to stop crime in its tracks. Where most coworkers tend to spend only about nine hours a day together, the K9 unit is a 24-hour team. Together the two take down criminals, find bombs and uncover contraband, and search for missing loved ones. In order to perform efficiently, the dog and handler form an equal partnership based on loyalty, training and, most importantly, a trustworthy bond.



The relationship begins when the K9 officer and canine are first paired and usually lasts as long as the dog’s working lifespan. Both partners go through weeks of training, which not only teaches the dog what to do and the officer how to command, but helps them work as a unified team. As many dog trainers will tell you, the additional effect of training is a deep emotional connection.

Even off the clock, the bond strengthens. When it’s time to unwind, the K9 officer and his furry partner may engage in a game of fetch or just lie side by side, relaxing after a long shift. Regardless of how difficult the day might have been, the officer’s four-legged partner is always ready to protect and serve, together



With a solid partnership and true friendship, the K9 Officer and his partner can perform truly heroic acts that neither could ever do alone.

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