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The popularity of corgis is undisputed, and if you’re on social media for any amount of time, it’s probable that images and videos of these perma-smiled, fluffy-bootied cuties fill your feeds on the daily. While it’s easy to assume that all corgis are living their best lives, the reality is that many are ending up in animal shelters, like so many other dogs.

After adopting a corgi from a local rescue and diving into the intricacies of the animal welfare world, Susan Luong realized the plight of homeless corgis in shelters and began doing all she could to rescue them. Her passion for rescue and love for the breed drew her to focus specifically on corgis flagged as “special needs”—at the time, mainly seniors and those with medical needs.

Over time, as the breed became more popular, Susan noted that behavior issues, such as biting, became as prevalent in the special needs category as for those without special needs. To truly focus on saving lives of the most vulnerable corgis and provide them with the wide scope of care they needed and deserved, Susan knew she had to take a big step. She opened Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR) in 2013.

The staff at QBSDR do their best to set up both adopters and dogs for success by offering helpful resources for training, breed education, and foster-to-adopt support.

Like all breeds, corgis come with their own innate characteristics and personality traits and, if they’re not properly nurtured through the process of managing some of these traits, it can result in poor behavior. For example, corgis are bred to be herding dogs, so it’s only natural that they’d have the instinctual desire to nip at the heels of moving animals, children, etc. And because we often don’t know the background of a shelter dog, they require instruction and patience to change their behavior. Adopting a corgi (or any pet) requires a long-term commitment from owners to (1) understand their natural tendencies; (2) provide them with love, care, training, and medical treatment; and (3) advocate for their needs for the rest of their lives. The staff at QBSDR know that these are critical elements, and they do their best to set up both adopters and dogs for success by offering helpful resources for training, breed education, and foster-to-adopt support.

“It is very common for people to adopt or purchase a corgi without being fully educated on the breed, thinking they are getting a little fluff ball that will be ‘cute and playful’ forever. But that is not true of any breed,” says Susan. “It is important for people to be prepared to offer the amount of care, commitment, training, and lifestyle that will benefit and enrich their corgi.”

If a person is not equipped with information and experience with the breed—or is not prepared to learn—then they’re setting the companion animal/human relationship up to fail. The collapse of the relationship is felt largely by the animal and less by the human. A failed adoption takes a painful toll on a dog, and almost 10 percent of all dog adoptions end with the owner returning the dog to the shelter.

QBSDR takes the placement and well-being of their adoptables very seriously, taking extraordinary steps to support the dog and adopter every step of the way.

“We are here for the corgis we rescue, and it is our duty to ensure that they are placed in the proper home. We want every adoption to be a true ‘forever home’ for every dog we adopt out,” Susan explains. “We are also here for any help you may need along the way; we offer a variety of different resources to our adopters and are here to help them without judgment.”

Adopt BowieAdopt Bowie»

Adopting a Corgi from Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue

At this time, QBSDR requires all potential adopters to begin their adoption journey by visiting their website to meet all the dogs who are available for adoption, learn more about their adoption process, and get started filling out an application. Note that QBSDR does not adopt to homes out of state. Visit their website queensbeststumpydogrescue.org to meet the dogs and learn their stories.Adoptable dogs were available at press time. Hopefully, they have already found forever homes, but if you see your perfect match, please visit queensbeststumpydogrescue.org to find out if they are still available.Adoptable dogs were available at press time. Hopefully, they have already found forever homes, but if you see your perfect match, please visit queensbeststumpydogrescue.org to find out if they are still available.»

Rescue Information

Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR) is a 501(c) (3) organization dedicated specifically to corgis with special needs who find themselves at local shelters. The organization runs 100% on donations, and there are many ways to give. Your Donations Count!

Website: queensbeststumpydogrescue.org

Facebook: facebook.com/queensbeststumpydogrescue

Instagram: instagram.com/queensbeststumpydogrescue

Email: info@qbsdr.org

Sanctuary Dogs

QBSDR sanctuary dogs are special souls that, because of their history and/or needs, are not candidates for adoption—they live full time at the ranch. Susan says, “We are so thankful to be able to give them a safe, loving home, and we’re grateful for their enduring spirits. Because of them, we have learned to always be Present, Aware, and Mindful of our surroundings and interactions, and how we, ourselves, can influence outcomes.”


About QBSDR Founder Susan Luong

As a child, Susan was diagnosed with juvenile polymyositis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes progressively worsening muscle weakness. Throughout her childhood and into young adulthood, she was in and out of hospitals. It was in those hospitals that she experienced the unconditional love and compassion of therapy dogs.

After an experimental treatment put her into remission, her love for animals guided her to work in the pet care industry, volunteer at her local shelter, earn her certificate in dog psychology, and, ultimately, open QBSDR.

Susan says, “I’ve always believed in giving back to the world, because dogs have given me so much. They literally saved me from some of my darkest and loneliest moments, and this is one of the best ways to pay my respects to them.”

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