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Diggin’ Dog Products


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The annual SuperZoo convention held during the summer showcases pet-related products for the industry. Pet Companion Magazine attends every year to see what is new, different and exciting, so we can highlight the products and trends throughout the upcoming year. The following ten products for dogs and for cats are a selection we found to be especially noteworthy.

Retro Shasta Trailer Pet Bed

What dog doesn’t dream of glamping? Here’s its opportunity to dream in its own retro trailer pet bed. The 100% wood bed comes in several different color schemes, and a personalized license plate is included. Throw your dog’s favorite pillow inside, and you’ve got the perfect addition to your home décor and snoozing spot for your dog. Be warned, however—if you have a cat, it’ll want its own trailer, too! daydreamhq.com


This clever poop bag carrier is so light weight you won’t even notice it is on your leash until it is being used to carry your pet’s bagged waste. Its clever design carries a surprisingly heavy load. Several colors available to complement your pet’s leash. Made in Maine of bio-degradable plastic. thedooloop.com


This smart pet tag is an easy way to help lost pets return home. The waterproof tag has a NFC chip and a QR code that allow a tag to be scanned by a smart phone. And, when the tag is scanned, the app on your phone receives a notification that includes the location of your pet. Once purchased and registered, there are no monthly fees. petsport.com

Under the Weather

Sometimes a dog just doesn’t feel good and needs a bland diet and a little pampering. Making a quick meal of rice, broth and chicken or hamburger just got easier! Simply open a package of Under the Weather, add some water to the mix, and the wonderful aroma of a homemade meal fills your dog’s nose. Contains electrolytes, premium meats and no artificial dyes, flavors or chemicals. Made in the USA with a 3-year shelf life. undertheweatherpet.com

TEEF! Drinkable dental health

TEEF!’s patented prebiotic formula, Protektin42, was developed by microbiologist for her own rescue dog who suffered from dental disease. It is a human-grade, clinically-proven daily dental care product that balances the oral microbiome for cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath! Simply add it to your dog’s water bowl to safely and naturally target dental disease, even below the gumline. TEEFhealth.com


This super-tough, durable and washable pet toy will become your dog’s new favorite for fetch and play. It comes in several shapes, is water-resistant and resilient and flexible in your dog’s mouth, and it floats! Made from Infinergy, the same lightweight, bouncy material used in athletic shoes, this non-toxic material makes a long lasting toy. airehide.com


The 100% natural wound care product’s active ingredients are made from medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand and essential oil. Together, these ingredients are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and act as a natural barrier against contaminants. A small amount of HoneyCure on wounds will help them heal, and it’s easy to apply and wash off, too. The clinical trial has shown confident positive results at Michigan State University, but always check with your pet’s veterinarian before applying anything to a wound. gethoneycure.com

Bandana & Bowl

Is it a bandana, or is it a bowl? It’s both! This clever bandana conceals a water-proof portable bowl for providing hydration on the go. The quick fastening Velcro closure makes it easy on or off— and one less thing for the human counterpart to carry. Plus, the outside fabric is water absorbent. You can dip it in water to use as a cooling collar. Comes in red or blue fabric and two sizes. petppi.com

Blue-Green Algae Test

Recent news headlines have told of the sudden deaths of dogs that swam in waters that contained the deadly hepatotoxins that are found in blue-green algae. “Blue-green algae is a growing concern across the United States,” says Lisa Blaurock, President and Founder of 5Strands® Affordable Testing. “Not only can it make humans sick, it can be deadly for dogs that swim in waters where it grows. You may or may not be able to see blue-green algae blooms in lakes, ponds or streams, so the only sure way to be safe is to test the water.” Georgia-based 5Strands® Affordable Testing launched a rapid test for detection of deadly blue-green algae. This simple yet accurate test allows pet owners to detect (within 10 min.) blue-green algae in lakes, ponds, and streams before they let their pets or family to swim in these waters. 5strands.com


What I Lick Before Your Face (and Other Haikus by Dogs) by Jamie Cole is a clever book and quite a contagious read. Be warned, after reading the book, you won’t be able to stop reciting dog haikus of your own! The photos accompanying the haikus are perfect.

Are you looking for a book about dogs to read? Visit petcompanionmag.com for a listing of some must-read books.

The Molly Mutt Bed Dogs love the way home smells, so why shouldn’t their bed smell like home too? Stuff the Molly Mutt Bed with your old clothes, pillows, blankets—anything soft and no longer used. You get to recycle your things, your dog gets a great bed. The bed’s cover is 100% cotton canvas, made to last and machine washable. You can also purchase a stuff sack to make it easier to fill and take out the “stuffing.” Great colors and patterns to choose from. mollymutt.com

Dog Breed Quiz Answers

See page 34.

  1. Tibetan Spaniel


  1. Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka


  1. Istrian Wire-Haired Hound


  1. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


  1. Smooth Collie


  1. Azawakh


  1. Bedlington Terrier


  1. Ca de Bou


  1. Moutain Cur


  1. Schillerstovare


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