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DoyenCat Puzzle Box

This puzzle box has multiple holes for your cat’s paws to explore. Hide treats or toys and provide your cat with an array of interesting things to puzzle out. Tasteful box colors and designs compliment your home décor.

Fresh Kitty™ The Grate Litter Mat

Cat litter has a tendency to stick to paws and get tracked all over the house. The Grate Mat helps solve that problem. When your cat exits its litter box, this innovative double-layer mat’s top layer has soft, extra-large holes that help dislodge the litter from your cat’s paws. The bottom layer is made of a plastic, waterproof film that repels urine and odors. The two layers are attached on the sides, so you can easily pour the trapped litter back into the pan.

Freestyle Perfect Puree

Nulo has created a highly nutritious set of lickable treats for your cat. The single-serve packets can be used as is or added as a topper to your cat’s kibble or canned food. Ten yummy flavors to temp even the most finicky of cats!

Floating Cat Scratcher

Give your cat a new viewpoint by attaching a Floating Cat Scratcher (or several) to your wall. Easy to install using the included Hangman® Wall Cleat system, the Scratcher is also reversible, so you can flip it over. The Scratchers are made in the USA from 100% eco-friendly, high-density cardboard that creates a long-lasting scratching texture for your cat. Check out all three models!

LickiMat Wobble

Does your cat (or dog) enjoy a good game while eating soft food or wet treats? The Wobble is a fun way to ssttrreettcchhh out a mealtime or treat. The natural rubber, bowl-shaped LickiMat is covered with small bumps and wet food or treats adhere to the surface, providing an enjoyable experience for your furry friend. Since the bowl “wobbles,” it scoots around on the floor and adds another level of play to the experience. Repetitive licking enhances the sense of taste, helps soothe some animals and can aid in digestion. And the bumps help promote fresh breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue.

Pet Evac Pak

Emergencies happen, and when they strike, there isn’t always enough warning to assemble an evacuation kit for your pet. The self-contained Pet Evac Kit comes in several different versions (dog- or cat-specific, multiple pets and sizes; the carrier is for both dogs and cats up to 14 lbs) and contains emergency supplies for up to 3 days for your furry companion. The kits include food and water packs with a 5-year shelf life, waterproof pouch for medications and documentation, 6-ft slip lead, mylar blanket and medical supplies, along with other much-needed emergency products. The Pet Evac Cat Pak version is self-contained in a soft, airline-approved cat carrier and includes a cinch sack to store the items while your cat is in the carrier. Be prepared for an emergency, and include your pet in your plans.

HEXBUG nano® Robotic Cat Toy

The HexBug plays like a real bug. It moves across the floor surprisingly quickly and when it encounters an obstacle, it navigates around it, finding a new course. The attached fur-like tail adds another aspect of play. Watch as your cat pounces, bats and rolls over the unstoppable little HexBug.

Petique™ Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser

Cats enjoy hunting for their food, and adding an element of play to your cat’s day helps keep it active and entertained. The Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser is weighted at the bottom, which adds a wobbling motion to it as your cat bats the toy around. The bell and feather topper provides another way to topple the toy and have the treats dispensed.

Zen Clipper and Zen Clipper Precise™

Trimming nails for cats (and dogs) can be difficult. The Zen Clipper or Zen Clipper Precise™ helps make this task easier. The Zen Clipper has a patented conical blade “ensures that the same amount of claw is removed every time and the quick can’t be harmed even if the animal was to jump or move while it is being trimmed,” says Michael Bihlmaier, the inventor of Zen Clipper. Made from high-quality stainless steel for a long- lasting, sharp-clipping edge and blades. The Zen Clipper Precise™ is also patented and features an adjustable blade, which limits the amount of nail being clipped.


Smart cat? Here’s a challenging dexterity game for even the cleverest feline. Treats are hidden under a variety of obstacles that a cat must manipulate to get to the treat. My Intelligent Pets offers several other innovative intelligence games that provide mental stimulation to entice your cat to play.


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