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A few months ago, I had to have hip surgery. This was my second hip surgery and I’ll be honest, coming home was the best part. Even though I had rules to follow, like being on crate rest, no rough playing and new medications, my mom had prepared to make my recovery process as comfortable as possible with a few items. Even better, all these items are sticking around, because we’ve found that they can come in handy for other pet situations, too.

Pajamas. During your first days home, your pup will probably sleep more than usual. And, he or she probably has an incision point that is paws-off and no-licking territory. A comfy pair of PJs keeps your pup cozy but also keeps incisions points covered. I recommend purchasing a size that isn’t too tight, so you have plenty of room to move, and your human can check on things with out too much disruption. One of my favorite brands of pet PJs is Fitwarm, available at

Soft Recovery Cone. Whether it’s a surgery, skin condition or minor wound, you’re doctor probably sent you home in a cone of shame. The cone is very important to your healing, but why not go for something with a little more personality … like the soft decorative cones at Alfie? Made of fleece, pillow-like and machine washable, their adorable designs will have you racking up the cute points with your human! You’ll be getting so much attention, you won’t even think about messing around with that booboo spot. Find them at

Pill Pockets. Some dogs are great at taking their medicine … I’m not one of those dogs. When I have to take medicine, it needs to be disguised in a tasty treat. Pill Pockets by Greenies are great for that. They can hold a pill or liquid and come in two different sizes. Plus they are soft and chewy and did I mention yummy? Find them at

Activity Mat. Once you’ve caught up on your rest, you’re going to want something to keep you busy while you’re being a good boy and limiting your movement. My mom bought a soft activity mat for me to play with while I was on crate rest, and I loved it. It kept me entertained, and I could use it lying down or standing up. Plus, because it’s made of felt, it’s not noisy, and it’s machine washable. The one we bought can be found on Amazon:

Burt’s Bees Pet Wipes. My all-time favorite part of the whole recovery thing was not having to take a bath! While this was a bonus for me, my mom was not having it. So, when things got stinky, she used Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Wipes. I will admit, they are soft and gentle … and I smelled really nice afterwards. At least that’s what my mom said. Buy them online at

Pet Video Camera. Let’s face it, pups. Sometimes, pet parents just have to leave the house. How else would they shop for us or go to work to pay for our extravagant lifestyle? If your parent can’t bear the thought of leaving you home alone for any length of time, they might want to invest in a pet video camera. There are many options that come in a variety of price ranges. The Canary Wi-Fi Pet Camera is a low priced option that allows you to check in on your pet via their app. Check it out at

Hip Sling/Medical Supports. After my hip surgery, I needed some major support when walking and found that a hip sling worked better than a harness and leash. Depending on the type of surgery or injury you are recovering from, there may be a support device or helpful tool like my sling that you and your humans will appreciate. These tools are worth the investment, because like the cone, you will probably need these again. Labra Dog has some great, veterinarian-approved products at

Playpen Crate. If you don’t already have a comfy crate, the collapsible “playpen” style crates are great. They have mesh siding so you can see out and a top that can be zipped closed. They come in different sizes to accommodate most pets, with plenty of room for a bed, toy and a wee-wee pad if you need it. The easy-open top is helpful for dispensing meds, changing heat or ice packs, and feeding times. I felt like a king in mine! Paws Pals Portable Playpen can be found at

Animal Matter Shag Blanket. We’ve all got blankets, but you deserve a really special one while you’re recovering. Something soft, cushy and luxurious … and something that’s going to look nice on the sofa once you’re back to your old self. The Animals Matter Faux Fur Shag Blanket gives you all that and more. These blankets come in a variety of sizes and colors, are cruelty free, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Find the one for you at

SnuggleSafe Heat Pack. I was required to do both hot and cold therapy during my recovery, and these were perfect. The Snuggle- Safe heat pack has a nontoxic filling, is covered in a soft fleece cover, is microwaveable and lasts up to 10 hours. If you have an older pet with arthritis or other ailment, having a heat pack on hand that is just for your pup is a good idea. Snuggle Safe is made in the UK but available worldwide via Amazon or


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