Top Home Trends For Pets And Their People


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Paw prints and basic colors took a back seat this year at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s premier event for pet professionals, held annually in Las Vegas. The demand for elevated design has continued to flourish in the pet product category. With the American Pet Products Association reporting that 68 percent of American households own a pet, it’s not surprising that pet parents are craving pet-friendly furnishings and accessories that blend seamlessly into their homes and reflect their personal styles.

To meet this demand, home furnishings companies like TarHong and Sauder have organically developed pet lines to complement their existing collections, offering such stylish, personalized accents for your home as dog teepees in luxe fabrics, coffee table pet beds, and elegant pet bowls.

Our favorite home trends from SuperZoo2018 included:

Elevated Textiles

Pet Perch by Pawsh

Luxe faux fur fabrics, linen blends, hand-woven tapestry and bold, bright prints were all over. Pet beds and perches were worthy of display, complementing an array of styles, from cottage charm to mid-century. This perch from Pawsh, wrapped in a luxurious faux fur, could easily be mistaken for a stool or accent piece in an opulent, glamorous home. Upright Pup specializes in acrylic pet products and unveiled their line of acrylic beds that provide a modern and comfy pedestal for your priceless pet to lounge around in.

Acrylic bed by UpRight Pup on display at SuperZoo 2018

Multi-use Furniture & Accessories

Whether your space is small or palatial, creating a beautiful and balanced room for you and your pets is easy to do with the multi-use furniture options we spotted on the floor at SuperZoo. PrimeTime Petz is creator of the Palm Springs Collection of pet furniture, boasting a fresh white design and cushions in bright colors.

Primetime Petz Palm Springs Collection

Primetime Petz has been designing stylish and functional pet furniture since 2008 and believes that “having pets doesn’t mean you need to give up your sense of style.” Their line of furniture complements décor styles from mid-century modern to traditional and is currently expanding into the dog gate and crate category.

Pet Teepees

Teepee hideaway by P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

The teepee trend that started in children’s toys has crossed over into the pet category and is now a wildly popular accessory for pet parents. Many of the companies in attendance had a teepee on display. One of our favorite lines was by San Francisco-based Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y.). The P.L.A.Y. line features eco-friendly and stylish designs using modern, high quality fabrics. P.L.A.Y. sales manager Bill Parsons said, “Teepees create a warm, cuddly and safe place to relax, which is what makes them so perfect for smaller dogs and cats. When created with the right kind of materials and prints, tee-pees can really accentuate a home, and that makes them appealing to modern pet parents, too.”


We’re pretty sure no cat or dog has ever said, “Hey, let’s use the good china tonight!” But maybe you have? Or maybe you just like nice things and think your pets looks a lot more adorable eating out of dishes that are beautiful. This year, we found three distinctive styles to swoon over, all of which featured fresh patterns and timeless quality.

Carmel Ceramica

Carmel Ceramica creates ceramic dishes and tabletop accessories that ooze California Coast casual and are worthy of your wedding registry. Their designs are quintessential casual elegance, offering ceramic stoneware treat jars and meal dishes that are so gorgeous, they demand to be on display.

Tarhong on display at SuperZoo 2018

TarHong features floral and marble patterns on melamine and full tabletop (or “floor top”) sets, including placemat, food dish, water bowl, and even serving pieces for the pet who likes to make mealtime a formal occasion.

Fringe Studio

Smart Pet

An entire section of SuperZoo was dedicated to Pet Tech this year, and yes, there’s an app for that! App-controlled feeders that allow pet parents to remotely feed, speak to, and treat their dog or cat were big this year. While the majority of feeding dishes are stationary, the iPet Robot moveable treat dispenser moves about your home at the touch of a button.

(L) Petzi Pet Cam & treat Dispenser. (R) IRobot Treat Dispenser

When it’s time to think outside the toy basket, pet parents want plenty of options, because pets are family, too. So, what is your favorite new pet-savvy home trend?


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