Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer


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Make sure your pet always has access to clean fresh water, which is even more important during summer months.

Stay active:

Have your pet exercise indoors in a climate-controlled environment.


If you do take your pet outside for a walk or to play, make sure you have them wear booties on their feet. At the very least, always touch the ground with your bare hand. If you can’t keep your hand on the ground comfortably, then your pet’s feet should not be touching the ground, either.

Eating habits:

Most dogs eat less food during the warmer months. Don’t be alarmed, but make sure your pet is still receiving the necessary nutrients daily.


Brush your dog’s coat regularly to remove excess hair. During the heat, many dogs will shed their undercoats, and this will help keep them more comfortable.


Be sure to guard against fleas, ticks, and lice, all of which become more active in the warmer months.


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