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Scent Detection

Ever been in line at the airport and see a dog wearing a vest, sniffing the carryons? Or maybe you’ve seen a search and...

What Is Leash Reactivity?

We’ve all seen or owned that dog that walks by another dog and goes crazy—pulling, lunging and barking, trying to get to the passing...

Why Doesn’t My Dog Come When Called?

“Why doesn’t my dog come when he’s called?” This is a question I get from K9 parents all the time. In today’s busy world,...

Train Your Dog To Love Wearing Clothes

Let me start out by saying that when I adopt a rescue dog—and I have five of them—I write directly on the adoption papers:...

Does Your Dog Have a Barking Problem?

by Valerie Masi

Pups and Pampering at Venus de Fido

Venus de Fido is a one of kind destination for pets and their people, and don’t mess around when it comes to having fun....

Kids & pets: They’re Good For Each Other

Research shows that kids who have pets are healthier, more social, and compassionate. I have personally seen dogs give children confidence, motivate their work ethic,...

The Importance of “Leave It!”

The LEAVE IT cue teaches the dog self-control and impulse control. The world is full of unsafe items and situations. How do we teach our...

A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

Exercise, we all know, is fundamental to good health. For dogs and humans alike, slothful ways lead to, at best, diminished well-being and poor...

Yes, You Can Pet My Dog

For over a century, we have taught our children to extend their hands out, so the dog can smell them before they pet. Only...
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