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TreatBuddy believes a healthy, happy pet starts with good nutrition, tasty rewards, and lots and lots of love. After operating online only with curbside pickup or delivery for most of last year due to the COVID pandemic, the doors of the TreatBuddy store in Palm Springs reopened for in-store shopping on May 3rd. This is welcome news for TreatBuddy’s many loyal customers, most of whom can be seen straining on their leads to get in the door!Buddy»

Cofounders Gary Houser and Casey Dworkin were inspired to start TreatBuddy after their previous dog (the eponymous Buddy) needed a special diet, and they had trouble finding it locally. Their little Buddy loved to go treat shopping. So after searching everywhere, assessing the best of the best dog food and treat brands, they opened their own storefront. They have always been committed to stocking only the best complete and balanced foods to ensure their customers’ fur-kids get all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they need. TreatBuddy offers only high-quality kibble, cans, and freeze-dried and frozen raw food—brands you won’t find in the big box stores. Along with delectable treats and toys, TreatBuddy has everything to make your pups and kitties the talk of the park. It even has its own greeting card line, GloryTo Dog, which debuted last year.

Although Buddy is no longer with Gary and Casey, he’s the reason the two partners launched their new line of treats, called TreatBalls. Buddy loved to chase after goodies, particularly if they rolled. “Buddy’s spirit still motivates us today,” says Gary. “And so does Farrah, our 8-year old Shih-Tzu—she loves the new TreatBalls. Unlike Buddy, she is not food motivated, so treats have to be extra-special to get her attention.”

TreatBuddy is committed to stocking only the best complete and balanced foods to ensure your fur-kids get all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they need.

With that in mind, Gary and Casey worked with a USAbased manufacturer to create TreatBalls, making them not only round and lightweight but also substantial. “Or, as everyone calls it, freeze dried,” notes Gary. The shape is second only to the quality of the contents, so the ingredients list is short: 96% meat (currently either beef or chicken, but with plans to expand to other proteins soon), organs for flavor, and ground bone for nutrients. Sage is also used as a preservative. In Casey’s opinion, “These little flavor bombs are perfect for playtime fun!”

Gary reports that Farrah prefers the beef flavor. “However, our employee’s dog (and frequent test subject) Lady equally loves the chicken flavor—but being a good girl, she does tricks for either flavor.” Both flavors are available in the perfect pocket-size container (1.5 ounces of chicken or 2 ounces of beef), perfect for walks and trips to the park, as well as 6-ounce jars for home. Because the shape is important, TreatBalls are packaged to keep them fresh and unbroken, but they can be easily crumbled to make a smaller training treat or for sprinkling over kibble for motivation.

Gary and Casey admit they frequently ponder what Farrah and Lady would like in a new treat or toy. They constantly test products on them both, whether from other companies in the industry or while developing their own line. They may not be officially on the payroll, but Farrah and Lady are two pups who play an important role at TreatBuddy.

Shopping at TreatBuddy, you can feel confident that you’re buying the most nutritious and delicious foods and treats for your pet. Give TreatBuddy a call at 760-202-3600, or even better, stop by TreatBuddy at 4751 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite A, Palm Springs, California 92264. Sample some of their delicious treats and take some home for your fur baby. They’ll love you for it!

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