News From Mayor Max: Spring Edition


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March, April, and May are wonderful months to visit Idyllwild, and we invite you to join us at this special time of the year, as our very mild winter weather this year now turns to springtime!

There are always wonderful things to do in Idyllwild, and here are just a few things to keep in mind when you visit.

For art lovers, there are many galleries and art hot spots to see. You can find out more by visiting the Art Alliance of Idyllwild web site,

We highly recommend picnics at Lake Hemet, just a short drive from downtown Idyllwild. The lake is beautiful at any time of the year, and you will fully enjoy this outdoor environment.

Shopping is also a delightful pastime in Idyllwild. Don’t miss Wooley’s, Idyllwild Gift Shop, and Mountain Paws, to mention only three from more than 50 fun and eclectic stores that you will love, one and all! You can and will find all the unique gifts you need this year for you, your friends, family, and associates.

For your dining pleasure, Idyllwild has many world-class restaurants with live entertainment to enjoy. The majority of our dining locations are pet friendly—your dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating areas. Many of our lodging establishments are also pet friendly. One of our favorites is Idyllwild Vacation Cabins, with 39 fabulous pet-friendly cabins. Give them a call if you want to spend the night at (951) 659-5444. Call early!

For the outdoor hiking enthusiast, there are many extraordinarily beautiful and scenic trails for every level of hiker. To mention only a few of our favorites, we highly recommend these hikes:

■ Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail

■ Palm Canyon Trail

■ Cahuilla Mountain Trail

■ Webster Trail

■ South Fork Trail

■ Black Mountain Trail

■ Ramona Trail

■ Fobes Trail

■ Cedar Spring Trail

■ Pacific Crest Trail

You can find more information about these and other local trails by contacting the U.S. Forest Service and stopping by 54270 Pine Crest Ave, Idyllwild, CA 92549, or calling (951) 659-2117. They are very helpful and can fill you in on everything you need to know about hiking in Idyllwild. You can also visit this web site:

Another fun thing to do in Idyllwild is to meet me, Mayor Max, the official Mayor of Idyllwild, and my two Deputy Mayors, Mitzi and Mikey. We are available to meet with you on any day you come to visit. We Mayors are all Golden Retrievers, and you can arrange a visit with us by calling (949) 525-0100. Call the morning of your trip or the day before, and our Chief of Staff, Phyllis Mueller, will coordinate the meeting with you. We love to pose for pictures with you. I pose on command whenever I hear, “Max, do the pose!” You can also bring us a treat or, even better, a vanilla ice cream cone from Idyllwild Ice Cream & Jerky! You will love their ice cream as much as we do, and you know how much that would be!!

Also, in May 2018, we Mayors are turning five years old, and we will be having a party to celebrate our birthdays. More details about the date, time, and location of the party will be published in late April 2018. To find out more, call the Mayor’s office. You are invited!

Idyllwild is a loving and friendly place. You and your pets are always welcome, and we can’t wait to see you in town.

Love always, Mayor Max

Spring Reminders

Although the weather is usually quite mild, Idyllwild temperatures can still drop down into the 30s, and we occasionally even get snow. Please remember to check the weather report and consider bringing winter wear for your furry friends—especially if they aren’t used to cold temperatures. Foot protection is a good idea, too!

Speaking of paws, as spring warms the mountain, plants (like foxtails) start making their appearance again. After hiking, make sure you check paws and between toes for any stickers or barbs that might be hidden. A quick brushing is also a good idea!

As you handle your dog after a good romp in the woods, be aware that poison oak is prevalent in the area. Like poison ivy (a well-known and avoided plant on the East Coast), poison oak has leaves of three and the poisonous oil irritant called urushiol, which can cause a very itchy rash. If your pet runs against the plant, the oil can be transferred onto their fur, and when you pet the fur … well, just remember to wipe down your dog and wash your hands with soap and water.

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