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Hi Everyone!

It’s me, Mayor Max, with my human, Phyllis. We’ve all been staying closer to home for months now, and I know that can be frustrating. I’ve been taking lots of walks and going out to play, but I miss meeting my friends around town, so I know how hard it can be. I want to share with you some advice that Phyllis calls “the secrets to the universe.” She knows a bunch of these secrets, so I’m going to share a few of them with you here. I hope they help you keep your spirits up!

Think of your ideal scene for the future—write it down and focus on it every day, all day.

Historically, the majority of people who survived under incredibly traumatic circumstances, like those in concentration camps, were able to hold on to their vision of the future and stay focused on it. They fully believed they would survive their circumstances, even when those circumstances took many years. They visualized their survival and their game plan of what they wanted to do with their lives.

Take some action toward your goal, even if it’s just learning more about it by reading a book. Try to work on your future goals a little bit every day.

Your mindset helps determine your day.

What you focus your attention on is what you get, so if you think you are “bored in the house,” you’re certainly going to be bored in the house. But if you think of it as a time to create something new and wonderful in your life, every moment can be an enjoyable and expansive time. You get out of life only what you are focusing on, so focus your attention on the good things in life that you want to happen and that you want for you—and dream with no limits.

Big project? Take the first step.

I’ve noticed that some of the things Phyllis thinks about are so big, she’s afraid to get started. But then she musters up some courage and takes the first step. It might be a phone call, some research, or making a plan so she can start to focus on her project. If you start spending some time thinking about your plan and then taking the first steps toward it, you’re going to achieve it—as long as you hold onto your vision and never let go.

If you make a list of the steps you need to take to get there and you just take the first step, you’ll feel a huge shift in your universe. You will realize that you are in control of your path, as you just made the first part of it happen. Keep thinking big!

Phyllis has been working on a project to complete 375 books—the majority are children’s books, but 10 are regular books—before her birthday on June 7 in 2021. I, Mayor Max, want to bring joy to everyone I see. So, what’s your goal?



Positive only, please.

When someone adds a negative post or comment on social media, they make themselves—and the world—more negative. Before you say anything, write anything, or take action, make sure you are contributing something positive. It’s important to continually focus your attention on positive energy and creative thought, and stay away from all the negativity. That includes Facebook, Instagram, your friends, the newspaper, and the television. Stay away from all negativity, and surround yourself with things that elevate your spirit and make you happier.

I only whine for biscuits, and it doesn’t work.

When you complain, you’re creating negativity. So Phyllis learned long ago, don’t complain. Instead, take positive, non-complaining actions to remedy the problem. Do NOT waste your energy (your energy is your life force!) being negative about a negative situation. Think it through first. Don’t be quick to react with hateful, harmful, or negative comments. If you want to help, take positive action and actually try to do something constructive rather than just complain. Come up with an action plan that creates only positive energy and do that to help with any negative situation you are facing. Just keep it positive and always focus your mind on the positive things you want to accomplish.

To be very happy, focus your thoughts on the wonderful and good creations that you can conceive of in your mind, and hold onto and emanate those thoughts. You will achieve and experience the most wonderful life. And the more you get in the groove of this positive energy emanation, the more extraordinary, fun, and enjoyable life will be.



At the end of every day, ask yourself how you did. What percentage of your day was spent in positive energy emanation and actions? What percentage of your day was negative? Work for 100% positive every day. You can do it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the happier you will be.

I know things are difficult right now, but stay positive and know we love you very much. We are sending you very powerful and happy energy love beams right now to you. We are emanating that 24/7, so if you feel little energy shifts in the space around you, that’s us!

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Love always,

The Mayors of Idyllwild and Staff

Mayor Max’s Idyllwild Tips

When you visit, there are always wonderful things to do, and here are just a few things to keep in mind when you visit.

Art Lovers:

Find out more about the art galleries and events by visiting the Art Alliance of Idyllwild web site,


We highly recommend picnics at Lake Hemet, just a short drive from downtown Idyllwild. The lake is beautiful at any time of the year, and you will fully enjoy this outdoor environment.


Shopping is also a delightful pastime in Idyllwild. Don’t miss Wooley’s, the Idyllwild Gift Shop, and Mountain Paws, to mention only three from more than 50 fun and eclectic stores that you will love, one and all!


The majority of our dining locations are pet friendly—your dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating areas. Many of our lodging establishments are also pet friendly.


You can find out information about local trails by contacting the U.S. Forest Service and stopping by 54270 Pine Crest Ave, Idyllwild, CA 92549, or you can call (951) 659-2117. They are very helpful and can fill you in on everything you need to know about hiking in Idyllwild. You can also visit this web site:

Please call prior to planning your day or overnight stay. Businesses may be closed or have limited hours or availability.

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