Life is Good -For Animal Samaritans Rescue Kittens, Bear, Teddy, and Gray


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As some readers may remember, Animal Samaritans rescued three sick kittens from North Shore in September 2022—Bear, Teddy, and Gray. All had health issues, including eye and respiratory infections. My family and I have been the lucky foster family for those three kittens, and we, along with everyone at Animal Samaritans, are excited to report that, so far, two of them have been adopted! On October 23rd, Animal Samaritans hosted its 3rd Kitten/Cat Adoption Event at Petco Palm Springs. Bear and Teddy were both healthy enough to attend, and thanks to this partnership, Bear met his forever family. As soon as Bear was in the arms of his now-owner, he melted in his arms. Without a doubt, we knew he was going to be loved and cared for forever. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Teddy’s day to go. As their foster mom, I’d wished for Teddy and Bear to go together, since they were attached to one another. Then again, I was worried about Gray’s health, which was still in question, and the impact being without both his brothers would have on him. The decision was out of my hands, though, when Teddy developed a bit of nose discharge again, along with one watery eye. While he wasn’t bothered by it, I knew he’d need medication again to treat his symptoms.

Bear’s adoption. Inset: Bear when rescued in September.
Bear’s adoption. Inset: Bear when rescued in September. Photo Courtesy Animal Samaritans

Meanwhile, Teddy and Gray continued to play at our house nonstop, chasing each other up and down the kitten trees, taking naps together, grooming each other, and growing healthier each day. Gray had another exam with the ophthalmologist in December 2022. His doctor was very pleased to see his improvement and advised that he continue his medication for another two months then revisit the idea of trimming only one inner eyelid to improve his sight.

Teddy’s adoption. Inset: Teddy when rescued in September.
Teddy’s adoption. Inset: Teddy when rescued in September. Photo Courtesy Animal Samaritans

Teddy spent Christmas and New Year’s at our house with Gray, but the time came for us to take Teddy to Animal Samaritans’ No-Kill Animal Shelter/Adoption Center—he was ready to find his new forever family! Teddy entered the shelter on January 6, 2023, as an available kitten. I visited him daily that week, since it was a tough choice to allow him to be adopted instead of keeping him. He’d really won our hearts. We knew he was an wonderful kitten, and he’d be a great addition to any family. After little more than a week, on January 15th, Teddy was adopted by a family with two children. Way to go, Teddy!

Gray is healing and will be ready for adoption soon.
Gray is healing and will be ready for adoption soon. Photo Courtesy Animal Samaritans

Surprisingly, Gray hasn’t shown a sad day without his brothers, and he continues to play, climb, meow for wet food, and rub his face against mine. He’s made it his mission to be loved by our three big cats who, after all, lived here first—and sure enough, they’re falling for his charisma. It’ll be even harder to say goodbye to Gray when he’s fully healthy and ready for adoption.

It has been my pleasure to foster Bear, Teddy, and Gray. And as hard as it is to say goodbye, I know that more sick kittens will soon need my help, and I can’t keep them all if I want to keep helping the ones who need me.

If you’d like become a foster volunteer, visit and click on the Volunteer tab. Click on the Volunteer Application Form to fill it out online. To help us rescue more kittens like Gray and his siblings, please donate to the Animal Samaritans Feline Fund.

Animal Samaritans has adopted out 9 cats and kittens through its partnership with Petco Palm Springs, over three adoption events. This store continues to support Animal Samaritans with donations of food and other items.

Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez is a pet foster mom and Humane Educator at Animal Samaritans.


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