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This is Tinker’s story. Before being rescued by his loving family, Tinker was a homeless stray. Tinker’s family found him on a rainy desert night—cold, alone, and scared. That was 8 years ago, and his adoptive family has loved and cared for him ever since.

His owners say Tinker was always a happy, healthy dog. Then one day, his owner noticed that something about his eye looked different. He explains that Tinker’s eye “suddenly became cloudy,” so they booked an appointment with Animal Samaritans Pet Ophthalmologist, Dr. Pamela Ko.

Dr. Ko has been treating Tinker for several months. Dr. Ko determined he had developed glaucoma in his right eye and was suffering from a painful deep corneal ulceration. For the sake of Tinker’s well-being, the doctor strongly recommended enucleation of Tinker’s right eye.


Tinker’s owners had done everything they could to treat his eye condition, but unfortunately, they exhausted their financial means and could not continue to help him. They feared they might have to consider euthanasia.

When Animal Samaritans realized they were struggling to provide for Tinker’s treatment, his owners were encouraged to apply for assistance through Animal Samaritans grant funds. These funds, supported by the Annenberg Foundation and donations through the Animal Samaritans Senior Fund provide qualified seniors with financial aid for their pets’ medical treatment.


With the help of Animal Samaritans grant funds, Tinker’s family paid just over $400 for his treatment. Thanks to a generous Annenberg Foundation grant and donations through the Animal Samaritans Senior Fund, Animal Samaritans was able to cover the remaining $3,740 owed for Tinker’s surgery.


If you or someone you know has a pet in need and are struggling to cover the cost of that pet’s treatment, email us at info@animalsamaritans.org to learn more about our programs. Or, for more information, visit animalsamaritans.org.



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