Happy Ending for Las Vegas Pup


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Dog lost in Las Vegas on July 3 reunites with family at San Diego Humane Society’s El Cajon Campus

A dog who went missing from his home in Las Vegas on July 3, 2023, was reunited with his family at Noon today at San Diego Humane Society’s El Cajon Campus.

Ryder, a 9 year-old Chihuahua-terrier mix, was brought in to San Diego Humane Society’s El Cajon Campus as a stray on July 17, 2023. The finder stated they found the dog outside a Ross store in El Cajon, and brought him to San Diego Humane Society.

Luckily, the dog had a microchip, and the Lost & Found team immediately called the number to locate Ryder’s owners. They were ecstatic — and very surprised — that Ryder had shown up 335 miles west of their home. Right away, they started making plans to drive up and pick up their beloved pup.

Ryder’s dog mom Debbie Ferris says he went missing on July 3, from their yard in Las Vegas, NV. She does not know how he got out — or how he got to California.

With her at the reunion today was Ryder’s “aunt,” Darlene Hardee, and Ryder’s best dog friend Blondie.

We are so happy this story has a happy ending — all thanks to a microchip, and the information connected to that chip being up to date!

Nina Thompson
Nina Thompson
Nina Thompson is the media contact for the San Diego Humane Society. sdhumane.org


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