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Guess the Breed Quiz


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Knowing breed characteristics can help you select a dog to fit your lifestyle. Even mixed breed dogs may have some breed traits, and knowing about their personalities is helpful when choosing a compatible dog. Dr. Weitzman, author of the Dog Breed Guide, supplied the selection below. Can you guess the breeds? Quiz answers appear on page 77.

1 From: Tibet, China; Described by fans as part terrier, part monkey, and part cat, these dogs were bred by Tibetan monks as watchdogs for monasteries.

2 From: Russia; These adorably scruffy dogs get along great with kids and other pets, but they can’t handle vigorous play.

3 From: Croatia; Hailing from northwest Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, these hounds are determined hunters.

4 From: Canada; Hint: “Tolling” is an old word that means to attract or lure something in, and that’s what makes “tollers” effective retrievers. They playfully toss a stick around at the water’s edge, arousing the curiosity of ducks that swim in close to check them out.

5 From: UK/Scotland; These dogs have all the sweet personality and athletic abilities of their long-haired cousins but in a short-hair package.

6 From: Mali; These long-legged speedsters developed in the African Sahara where they were hunters, guardians and companions to nomadic desert tribes.

7 From: UK/England; Named for a mining town that bears their name, they were bred in the mid-1800s to rid the mines of rodents and are masters at both endurance and speed.

8 From: Spain/Mallorca; Also known as Mallorca mastiffs, they are excellent watchdogs and have the courage of their bullbaiting ancestors but aren’t the best choice for casual pet owners because of their strength and aggressive instincts.

9 From: U.S.A.; These pioneer dogs, bred from various European hunting dogs and native dogs, protected American settlers and their livestock from wild animals or intruders.

10 From: Sweden; Developed in the late 1800s by crossing local Swedish dogs with English hounds, these rare, athletic hounds are the fastest Scandinavian hounds, even over snow.

Dr. Gary Weitzman is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator and is currently serving as Immediate Past Chair of the Board of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators. He also serves on the board of Mama’s Kitchen, a San Diego nonprofit committed to providing food for people with chronic illnesses. For more information about Dr. Weitzman and San Diego Humane Society, please visit sdhumane.org.

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