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Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy


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Have you ever thought you would like to become a pet stylist but didn’t know how to get into the business or what kind of training it takes to become one? Are you looking to change careers or begin your career in a lucrative business that keeps growing? Did you know we have one of the best pet grooming schools right here in the Coachella Valley? Well, there is and you can become a fully trained and licensed pet styling professional at Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy in Palm Desert.

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy

Dog grooming is one of the few recession-proof careers, because no matter what the economy, people still need their dogs taken care of. The Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy is a real, academically accredited, state certified and licensed school. Just like cosmetology school, you have to take classes, study, train, get tested and put in the hours before you can graduate and become a licensed pro. The Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy Pet Stylist Program is a 300 clock hours course designed for those who wish to enter the field of pet styling at the professional level. Students will first study canine anatomy, pet safety, handling skills and sanitation to better their grooming foundation skills. The course continues with the study of proper bathing, ear cleaning and plucking, drying, brushing, de-matting, combing, nails, clipper and scissor finishing. Students spend the majority of the course practicing in a real grooming environment, learning breed profiles and finishing and pattern techniques for specific breeds. After graduating, students will have the skills to enter the job market in salons, kennels, vet clinics, mobile vans or to open their own business.

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy 1

Another option for students is to become a professional Pet Styling Assistant. This course requires fewer hours (80) and is designed for students who wish to enter the grooming field as bathers and assistants to Pet Stylists. Students will develop a strong foundation of bathing and drying skills according to breeds. They are also taught correct handling skills, pet safety and sanitation. Proper bathing, drying, ear cleaning and plucking, brushing, de-matting, combing, nail clipping and anal gland expulsion are studied along with the proper use of shampoos, conditioners and therapeutic products and how to apply them according to breeds and different coats.

Having a fully accredited grooming school has been a dream of Wendy Prestigiacomo‘s for a very long time. You may already know her as the owner of The Pet Spaw in Palm Desert. Wendy has always had a life long love of animals. At the age of 15 she took a summer job as a Pet Stylist Assistant in her mother’s first salon. At the age of 18 she attended The PIC School of Pet Grooming in Las Vegas, NV. After graduating, she moved to Palm Desert and opened her first salon. She soon realized how difficult it was to find pet stylists to employ in her business. The need was so great that in 1988 she opened her first pet styling school with many successful graduates over the years.

Wendy became one of the Valley’s first certified groomers in 1989 through the W.W.P.G.A. in Long Beach, CA. She is a Master Stylist and has AKC Safety Certified Groomer, AKC Safety Certified School, Certified California Professional Pet Groomer Association, International Prof. Groomers Inc., and Southern California Groomers Assoc. Skin & Coat certifications. Ms. Prestigiacomo has received intensive training in the Golden Paws Instructional Method.

The Golden Paws Program has a proven record of thousands of successful graduates in its 50 year history giving students a strong foundation to enter the job market as a Pet Stylist or Pet Stylist Assistant. Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy is an upscale modern pet styling facility. All of their students train in a real world environment. Students will gain knowledge from the very beginning on how to work in and be part of a professional grooming salon.

Local pet professionals can also update and improve their skills and expand their knowledge of certain dog breeds by attending Wendy’s Specific Breed Seminars.

For more information on how to become part of one of the fastest growing industries in the country, call (760) 289-8217 or visit the Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy website at www.goldenpawsca.com.


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