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We often get caught up in the immediate gratification available in today’s market of abundantly available products. One-click shopping and overnight delivery make taking care of many of our everyday needs much easier. Unfortunately, shopping online can limit our access to some of the uniquely wonderful boutique products that are available for pets.

So, how do you find these hidden gems? Visit your local independent pet store, and you’ll be amazed by some of the products you would have missed if you only shopped online.

New Products, Small Batches

Sometimes, with large companies using rushed manufacturing processes—often overseas— consumers can end up paying the price through cut-corner products and significant dips in quality standards. The value to the end consumer can get lost in the race to manufacture products quickly.

On the other end of the spectrum, small businesses often start from someone’s passion, hobby, or desire to make a better product than what is currently available. A smaller business may hand-craft its products and be able to maintain the quality through manufacturing in small batches.

Now, some small businesses are able to grow into large companies and still maintain that balance— getting bigger doesn’t have to mean a drop in quality or craftsmanship. If a small business grows into a large company but maintains its standard of excellence, then you’re likely to find their products at independent pet stores, too.

Quality Products, Responsibly Sourced

If you ask questions, you’ll usually find that your local, independent pet store works with distribution companies to find products made with high-quality ingredients that were sourced responsibly and ethically. I am the owner of Wigglebutt & Co., an independent distribution company. The independent retailers we partner with understand the importance of an individualized approach when it comes to finding what your pet wants and needs. Customers across many industries are increasingly demanding this kind of tailored service, and when a company offers truly personalized service, it shows. It’s the customers who choose to buy products that were created or sold close to where they live that allow local purpose-driven shops to exist and thrive.

Customers who buy products created or sold close to where they live allow local purpose-driven shops to exist and thrive.

Local Retailers

Step into your favorite local pet store and ask about their products. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that they know and care about what’s on their shelves.

Remember, small businesses are often created from someone’s hobby. A hobby that they were so enthusiastic about that they decided to make it their life’s work. Wigglebutt & Co. was created out of a passion to provide a service to people who felt the same way we did about their animals. We maintain relationships with companies who share our same perspective on responsibility, who know that that doing things the right way, while it can be difficult, is always worth it.

Check out the Product Guide to see brands like Jiminy’s, Suzies Pet Treats and Mika & Sammy’s, made locally and with love.SAVE

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