Boogie Shoes: Summer Snack Attack


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My favorite thing to do during the summer is eat. I also like naps, and eating is a great pre-nap activity. If you love to feast on treats, try a few of my favorite recipes to keep you cool, hydrated and satisfied during the summer swelter. Chef’s note: Since I’m a dog, I don’t do measurements, so that’s up to you. I told you these were gonna be easy!

Veg Out


□ Grab your favorite pet-safe veggies (mine are carrots, apples and cauliflower—no onions, garlic or wild mushrooms!)

□ A few scoops of Greek yogurt

□ Bone broth (I use a pre-made version, but if you make your own … can I come over?)

Directions: Cut the veggies into pup-friendly pieces. In a small bowl, mix yogurt and broth to the consistency of your liking. Arrange your veggies in the dip bowl and go for it. The healthy treats in this cute crudité bowl work great as training rewards.

Freeze the Kong


□ Kong

□ Peanut butter

□ Kibble or protein of your choice

□ Honey

Directions: Layer ingredients into the Kong and freeze for several hours. This is a great treat for after walks or for a mid-day brainteaser.

Super Smoothie


□ Handful of blueberries (frozen ones are great for snacking, too)

□ Some chopped banana

□ A glob of peanut butter

□ A few splashes of water (to get that smoothie feel)

Directions: Toss all the ingredients in your blender and hit the puree button. Serve it up in your favorite dish.

TIP: You can also freeze and serve as a cold summer treat. Instead of using a popsicle stick, try a strip of your favorite dog-approved jerky or leave out the stick altogether.

Burgers & Brews


□ Sweet potatoes

□ Protein (beef, chicken, or vegan)

□ Green peas

□ Carrots

Directions: Chop the carrots and smash the peas. In a small bowl, mix the veggies and protein together. Form mix into small, pup-sized burgers. Then, slice the sweet potatoes (this will be your bun). Dip the sweet potato slices in broth or brush with coconut oil for extra flavor. Fire up the grill, place sweet potato slices and burger patties on the grill. Cook until done, assemble, allow to cool, and serve!

While you’re at it, throw in a dog beer, like Bowser Beer, Dawg Grog, Bark Brew or Apollo Peak—these can be served on their own, over food, or even frozen. After all, burgers and brews are a summer classic!

Don’t forget to remove the toothpick before giving to your dog!

Pup Ice Cream


□ A scoop or two of rolled oats

□ One or two handfuls of chopped strawberries

□ A big pinch of shredded coconut (sugar free)

□ Dollop of plain Greek yogurt

Directions: Toss all ingredients into the blender and hit puree. Distribute the mix into a treat tray or individual containers, freeze for several hours, then serve.

I love these make-ahead snacks, because they’re so easy to prepare and store. Keep them in your refrigerator and freezer like I do for a cool summer treat anytime.


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