Boogie Shoes Summer Product Review


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We Southern California pups love to play in the sun, sand and surf! But when temperatures soar, our outside playtime can get cut short. Here are a few of my favorite products for keeping busy while lounging in the A/C and staying safe outdoors.

—Boogie Shoes

OutWard Hound Nina Ottoson Dog Casino

Food puzzles are a great way to bond with your pup and keep them entertained when going outside isn’t an option. The Dog Casino by Nina Ottoson offers challenging play for all breeds and sizes. This puzzle has no removable pieces for Fido to hide, and is easily washable which means everyone hits the jackpot! nina-ottosson

Wooly Snuffle Mat by PAWS

Dogs are natural foragers and the Wooly Snuffle Mat by PAWS is designed for the hunter, sniffer and snorter in your home. The Snuffle Mat comes in a neutral grey color to blend with most décor and is made of non-toxic materials. It’s pretty easy to use, just pour the dog food on top and Wooly does the rest. This is a great alternative for mealtime and is machine washable, so clean up is a breeze.

Cooling Pad by The Green Pet Shop

Keeping cool in hot weather is serious business for pets, so this summer you might want to keep one of these cooling pads handy. The Cooling Pet Pad by The Green Pet Shop uses gel technology and pressure activation to cool and soothe. No water, refrigeration or electricity is needed, which makes it perfect for use at home or on the go.

YoPup frozen yogurt by Yoghund

Real frozen yogurt for dogs means ice cream party for everyone! YoPup by Yoghund is full of special probiotics and easy on your dog’s digestive system. The cups are ready to enjoy, no mixing required, and come in two flavors sure to please. YoPup is available in the freezer section of many pet boutiques.

Silicone Treat Mold

If you love making special treats for your pets, these silicone treat molds by Ticent are great for the DIY dog chef. Offering cute designs and durability, the molds can be used in the freezer or oven.

My Dog Nose It Sunscreen

Sun-loving pups need protection from cancer-causing rays. If you have a pup that loves to lay belly up in the sun, has a light coat, or just prefers to be outside, consider using a sunscreen to protect its nose and skin. My Dog Nose It now has a body and coat spray that makes application easy. The product is non-aerosol and free of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are toxic to pets.

Lucky Tree Twin Double Pet Stroller

Pet strollers are a great accessory to keep your pet cool during summer outings. They shade your pet from the sun, eliminate the need to put paws on hot pavements and are roomy enough to take a snooze. For those with ailing pets, multiple pets or pets with disabilities, it gives you an option to get them some fresh air when a walk isn’t possible. The Lucky Tree Twin Double Pet Stroller is specifically for multi-pet families and offers a double bed design and plenty of storage space underneath. Currently available on Amazon by Paws & Pals.

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