Are You a DIY Dog Bather?


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Two new products were introduced recently, making bathing your pet at home a little easier for both you and your furry friend. Both showerheads can be attached to your indoor or outdoor faucet.

Pet Wand Pro by Waterpik™

Take the stress out of bath time and give your dog a gentle but thorough wash, inside or out. With Waterpik’s new Pet Wand PRO, your dog will feel much more relaxed and comfortable during the bathing process. The shower attachment fits on a standard shower head pipe indoors or on your garden hose outdoors. It has a professional-grade contoured wand that sprays a unique water “comb” which provides maximum cleaning coverage and power—both important for rinsing thick fur. The targeted narrow spray is perfect for hard-to-reach or sensitive areas, making this tool perfect for dogs of all sizes. The dial allows you to customize the water pressure and control the spray settings, even with one hand.

Key Features:

■ Unique contoured shape designed to wash dogs of all sizes and types

■ Full-coverage WaterComb™ spray for maximum cleaning power

■ Indoor and outdoor adapters included

■ Extra-long 8-ft flexible hose for extended reach

■ Suction cup hanger included for hands-free bathing

■ Limited lifetime warranty

Pet Wand PRO cuts down on both the time and the stress involved in do-it-yourself pet bathing. For more information and to get your Pet Wand PRO, visit:


The Aquapaw Bathing Tool, is based around an entirely new bathing system that combines your water sprayer and a rubber scrubber into an intuitive bathing glove. Visit


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