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Thank you for picking up a copy of Pet Companion Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue. If you’re familiar with the magazine, you’ll notice a departure from our standard editorial style. This issue is full of “10s” (of course!)—10 dog products we love, 10 cool cat products, and many more. Meet 10 Southern California pet artists who each create unique art that comes out of their love for animals—some of them will surprise you! And be sure to visit our 10 dog-friendly Southern California hidden gems, places only locals know about that are the best places to hang out with your pet. Special articles like these are drizzled throughout the issue, along with great advice from our specialists on healthcare, training, and grooming.

One of our favorite columnists, Boogie Shoes, speaks out about adopting differently abled dogs. Think you know your dog breeds? Take the quiz on pages 34 and 35 to find out. Are you a cat person? Test your knowledge of 10 unusual cat breeds on pages 26–30. Do you love getting outside with your dog to attend pet-friendly events? Our extensive event section starts on page 116.

We at Pet Companion Magazine extend a huge thank you to our terrific advertisers, many of whom have supported the magazine since it began. We would not have made it to 10 years without them. And we welcome our new advertisers, who appreciate our loyal readership and are joining forces with us to advocate for pets everywhere. Please check out their ads, visit their businesses, and let them know you found out about them in Pet Companion Magazine!

Go online to petcompanionmag.com to find business resources (which normally appear in the back pages of the magazine) in our digital issue. The digital magazine is easy to navigate and is phone-, tablet- and computer-friendly. Use the scan code at right for fast access, or visit our social media to find the link to the issue. If you haven’t checked us out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or our website, please do—we have a lot of great extra content there.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!

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