Winter 2018

Welcome to the Winter 2018 issue!

Our cover story is about Boo Boo. If you’ve ever been near the top of the Lykken Trail in Palm Springs and seen a dog in a reflective coat who’s not even winded, you’ve probably met Boo Boo. Or maybe you once saw a small dog with a giant piece of wood in his mouth somewhere in Oregon and wondered how he could possibly carry such a big stick. That was most likely Boo Boo, too. Or, if you’ve seen a black dog on a bike, paws firmly on the handlebars, wind in her ears—in just about any city in the country—that might also have been a Boo Boo sighting. Boo Boo is a daring dog who commands attention and makes a friend everywhere she goes, and right now she’s traveling around the country, looking for new friends and new adventures.

Here’s a look at the contents of the issue:


  • Guidelines for Giving
  • Kennel Club of Palm Springs 2018 Dog Show
  • Are You Ready? 
  • Solana Beach: A Pet’s Paradise


  • Medical Care of Senior Pets, By Lillian Roberts, DVM
  • Diagnosing and Managing Osteoarthritis, By Brittany Yates, DVM
  • Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs, By Robert Reed, DVM, MSES, MPA


  • The Importance of Play
  • Pet Memorials
  • Gift Ideas for Cats & Dogs
  • News from Mayor Max


  • A Tired Dog is a Good Dog, By Lori Carman, VSPDT
  • Behavioral Changes in Senior Animals, By Valerie Masi

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