Spring 2017


Welcome to the Fall 2017 issue!

Our cover story is about Bogart. When you meet Bogart, you meet a cool as a cucumber beagle living the lush life with a brother named Boots and humans who just can’t stop kissing him. He loves it; don’t let him tell you any different. He will work for treats, but anything else … well, he’ll think about it while he snoozes on his favorite blanket. On the couch, of course.
It’s hard to believe that Bogart had any other life before this one, but he did. His name was 5989418 and he was a laboratory research beagle. Bred specifically to be sold to a research lab, Bogart lived his entire life in a cage, never walking on grass, never feeling sunlight on his face, never experiencing the loving touch of a human companion.

Here’s a look at the contents of the issue:


  • Pet Air Transport: A Quick Trip to a New Home: Wings of Rescue transports homeless pets to underpopulated shelters
  • Mosquitos Season Is Upon Us What Is the Risk to Pets?
  • Traveling with a Cat Show Veteran
  • Lost Dog! A harrowing tale of a lost dog
  • Spring Reminders: Cat Season, Rattlesnakes and Heat!


  • When Do You Need Your Vet? By Lillian Roberts, DVM
  • Help, My Cat’s Going Bald! By Rebecca Diaz, DVM
  • Marijuana: If It’s Legal, Should You Give It to Your Pet? By Robert Reed, DVM, MSES, MPA
  • Is Your Dog Coughing or Choking? By Brittany Yates, DVM


  • How Clean is Your Pet’s Water Dish?
  • Rescued — The Beagle Freedom Project
  • PSAS Friends Pet Project
  • News from Mayor Max
  • Le Chien Masquerade Party


  • Like Cats & Dogs, By Lori Carman, VSPDT
  • Does Your Dog Know Where Home Is? By Valerie Masi
  • Anticipation—When it Works, When it Doesn’t, By Janine Allen, CDPT

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