Fall 2017

Welcome to the Fall 2017 issue!

Our cover story is about Patch. Patch the yellow lab has been on the job for just a year, but he’s already made himself indispensable, and not for the reasons you might think. Patch is a service dog for Annette Ramirez, and this past year has been transformational for both of them.

Here’s a look at the contents of the issue:


  • How Wet Should I Get My Pet? Bathing Basics from John Paul Pet
  • Is Your Pet Gut-Healthy? Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • Where to Sit, Stay and Play in San Diego’s Little Italy
  • Cat Expo Wrap-up


  • Cushing’s Disease in Dogs, By Lillian Roberts, DVM
  • So You Think You Want a Snake?, By David Jeffrey, BSc BVMS
  • Understanding Coyotes, By Robert Reed, DVM, MSES, MPA
  • Diseases That Affect Both Dogs and Coyotes, By Robert Reed, DVM, MSES, MPA


  • Must-Have Products For Cats!
  • Fall Fashion — Boogie Shoes Top Picks
  • What to Do if a Coyote Approaches You
  • Did You Know? Cat Trivia


  • Training Tips, By Lori Carman, VSPDT
  • Yes, You Can Pet My Dog, By Valerie Masi

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