SoCal Wienerfest 2022

SoCal Wienerfest is BACK for 2022! After 2 loonnnng years (insert wiener dog joke) we are excited to have this event again. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

What can I expect from SCWF?

Fun, sun, and wiener dog buns! This event is for you and your pups! There will be lots of activities including vendors, contests, races, raffle prizes, photo opportunities, and MORE!

Can other dog breeds come?

YES! We love all dog breeds!
Please make sure your dogs get along well with others, and bring them on leash!

Does it cost to go to SCWF?

There is no fee or ticket to attend SoCal Wienerfest. The beach is open to the public and is free. However, make sure to bring cash to make the most of your experience!  Things you would spend money on: raffles, races, contests, vendors, and merchandise!

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