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Charlie’s Journey Home

The perfect pack is something all pet parents can relate to. Whether you have one pet or several, there is a calm and loving...

It’s Not Just Pet Boarding, It’s Pet Pampering

“I am going to have to board my dog.” It’s a thought that can paralyze any pet owner who has ever had the misfortune...

Cammies & Canines: Rescued Dogs Rescuing Homeless Veterans

There’s a place in San Diego where magic happens when homeless veterans take up residence with homeless shelter dogs—and both share a passion for...

Bring Out The Best In Your Dog Through Play

I get a lot of questions regarding appropriate play with a dog. Animals learn a lot of skills through play, so we don’t want...

Know The Connection Between Breed And Disease

Anyone who owns a dog (or a cat for that matter), hopefully expects to take their fur child to a veterinarian at least occasionally...

Agility Training In San Diego

Do you have or do you know someone who has a very smart, high-energy dog? Have you ever watched the dog agility courses on...

Oak Glen: Where Apples ‘Grow A Mile High’

Sonny and Vito Visit Dog-Friendly Oak Glen, California I’m driving along Oak Glen Road, headed to the legendary apple ranches of Oak Glen, California—a dog-friendly...

Train Your Dog To Love Wearing Clothes

Let me start out by saying that when I adopt a rescue dog—and I have five of them—I write directly on the adoption papers:...

Favorite 8 in L.A.

Runyan Canyon The LA gold standard! Just a stone’s throw from Hollywood is perhaps the city’s most popular hiking destination. There are 160 acres of...

Hotel Etiquette: Pet Edition

Tips for staying in a hotel with your pet Be a Good Neighbor Be courteous and try to keep Fido’s barking to a minimum. Remember, not...
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