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Low Calorie, High Protein Nooch Puffs

Jiminy’s new Nooch Puffs are an exciting new form with a mouth feel that dogs love – crunchy yet melts in mouth! These delicious puffs are made with simple, recognizable ingredients including crickets for a protein boost! Not only are they delicious, but the light, airy, crunchy texture makes them fun to eat. Flavored with Nooch! Haven’t heard of Nooch? Well, it’s a nickname for nutritional yeast, the vegan’s cheese alternative. We love it because it delivers a cheesy taste but without the dairy. More sustainable and delicious!

CheckUp – At Home Urine Tests

CheckUp provides a quick, simple, and reliable testing method to observe the general wellness of cats and dogs through at-home urine testing. CheckUp enables cat and dog owners to actively engage in their pets’ healthcare. The diagnostic kits detect the four most common conditions affecting pets:

Diabetes (glucose); Kidney conditions (protein); UTI (pH); Blood in the urine

Each CheckUp Cat kit includes 2 lb (900g) of patented hydrophobic litter, 1 pipette, 1 vial, 2 identical diagnostic testing strips (to perform the test twice) and a results reading card.

Each CheckUp Dog kit includes 1 pole (which can easily be assembled by screwing the ring into the telescopic pole), 1 collection cup with a lid, 1 pipette and vial, 2 identical testing strips (to perform the test twice) and a results reading card. Amazon store: Available also on Chewy.

Dog & Cat Door Knobs – Door Accessories

Decorate your front door with your favorite dog’s likeness or add a door knob to your bedroom or bathroom door. We have taken our skills as designers and craftspeople to make a fine collection of dog and cat door knobs, door knockers and door pulls featuring 10 dog breeds and 4 cat styles. Cast in Los Angeles in investment grade bronze each piece made by hand and exquisitely detailed. All pieces made to order with an oil-rubbed patinaed finish.

Gourmet Marrow Bones

Our gourmet smoked beef marrow bones are made with 100% all natural hardwood smoke. We never bake or dehydrate our bones because it weakens the bone. Also, we NEVER use liquid smoke, additives, preservatives, mold inhibitors or any other harmful chemicals that can cause health problems for your pet. Instead we only use 100% all natural, farm raised, grass fed, USDA inspected beef. To smoke our bones we use an old Southern, 100% all natural smoking technique that serves as a natural preserver for the marrow, the meat and the bone itself. Our process of low temperatures and slow smoke not only strengthens the bone but it gently infuses all of our bones with a delicious hickory flavor and keeps each bone packed with a delicious marrow your dog will absolutely love.

ZuluTails – The Future of Pet Tags is Here!

ZuluTails believes that keeping your pet safe should be simple, secure – and affordable. A ZuluTails tag combines the ease of a smartphone with modern QR technology, so you and your pet are never more than a click away. And ZuluTails never shares any personal information like telephone numbers or addresses. Unlike microchips and GPS, ZuluTails doesn’t require scanners, batteries or apps, and contact information can be edited anytime, from anywhere. An annual membership is just $19.99.

Peanut Butter Treats with CBD Oil

Suzie’s is proud to announce our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society with a special edition bag of peanut butter treats! Each bag contains 20 hearts made with USDA organic ingredients and 4 mg of our Colorado grown, USDA Certified Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Fill and Treat with a Frosty Cone

The Frosty Cone is an ice cream cone designed just for dogs. Owners can fill and freeze the French vanillascented toy with dog-safe foods like nut butter, broth, meats, and veggies. Pet parents can also try filling and freezing the cone with their dog’s wet food for a slow feed option they can savor. Each toy is made of BPA-free rubber and designed for 20-30 minutes of playtime.

Open Farm Dehydrated Dog Treats

Open Farm’s new and improved Dehydrated Dog Treats are packed with over 90% fresh protein and lightly cooked and dehydrated at low temperatures for tail wagging flavor. All meat treats now have a softer, chewier texture with better breakability. Free of antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial flavors and preservatives, the new treats now contain peas instead of chickpea flour for higher protein and lower fat content and are free from soy, corn, wheat and grains. The treats also have a complete packaging redesign, with all bags containing oxygen absorbers. The treats still have the same great product features as before, including 100% traceable ingredients and 100% humanely sourced meat. Open Farm Dehydrated Dog Treats are available in five flavors: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork and Cod Skin.

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