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Runyan Canyon

The LA gold standard! Just a stone’s throw from Hollywood is perhaps the city’s most popular hiking destination. There are 160 acres of meandering trails with amazing views of the city, stretched out to the horizon, so this is not your ordinary “dog park.” It’s a massive dog-friendly zone.

You might find a few dogs romping around just inside the off-leash gate, but for the most part, because of the sheer size of the park, you’ll be sharing the trail with other hikers, joggers, and the occasional canine. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog, as the only water source is just inside the main entrance in the on-leash area.

Fryman Canyon

A short, three-mile loop in the Hollywood Hills, Fryman Canyon is centrally located with easy access from Hollywood and Studio City. Its a slightly easier but nicer alternative to other popular Hollywood hikes, such as Runyon Canyon. The canyon has fire road or trail paths, plenty of spur trails to vista points and benches, and access to the TreePeople‘s Coldwater Canyon pavilion.

Fryman Canyon is an urban trail, but it doesn’t seem crowded on the trail. And while it’s dog friendly, it doesn’t have the pile-of-poop problem that Runyon Canyon sometimes does. Fun fact: you can visit the lake where the opening sequence of The Andy Griffith Show was filmed. This is Runyan Canyon without the Runyan!

In-N-Out Burger

This restaurant is an LA classic, and not just for its two-legged customers—they offer a couple of options for dogs. The first is the Pup Patty, which is a plain, salt-free burger patty. Another off-menu item, which is also available for humans but was supposedly originally devised for dogs, is the Flying Dutchman, which is two beef patties and two slices of cheese.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Set in a picturesque canyon straddling Laurel Canyon and Studio City, you’ll find a massive grassy knoll where your furball can roam free and fraternize with friends. And, if you’re single, you may want to apply some gloss—this spot is for mingling of all species!

The Grove

The outdoor mall often frequented by celebrities also offers a few dog-friendly shops. Take a break and enjoy the water works show at the fountain, then visit Sprinkles and indulge in a red velvet cupcake for you and a sugar-free cupcake for your pup.

Melrose Trading Post

Shopping at a flea market with your pampered pup friend means you get to have your best friend with you without having to compromise on the shops you visit. Every Sunday at Fairfax High School, you’re bound to find vintage treasures of all kinds from the many vendors on site, so plan to spend a few hours there. There are plenty of food vendors for you, and bring a water bowl for your dog, as you’ll probably spend more time than you anticipated, scouring the vintage book/purse/furniture collections.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Named after Rosie the bulldog (the inspiration behind this doggy paradise), this is the only legal dog beach in all of LA County. It’s the place where pups go to run leash-free while enjoying some rare sand and sea fun in the sun. Everywhere you look, you’ll see happy dogs with tongues lolling and tails wagging in utter bliss. Expect friendly dogs that are social butterflies and responsible dog owners pitching in to keep the beach clean and enjoyable for all.


Located on the Sunset Strip directly across from the famed Chateau Marmont, this pet hotel offers daycare, boarding, grooming, and the best doggie retail in LA. Posh offers the only indoor/outdoor pet hotel in Los Angeles. Let you pup mingle among the pet companions of celebrities!


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