Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Happy dog

The Best of Dog Times

It’s human nature to get sentimental about the past. When we imagine dogs’ lives 100 years ago, what likely comes to mind are idyllic...


AutoDogMug, the squeezable water dispenser for pets on the go, made by

Pet Rescue Center, Inc.

If I were to mention The Pet Rescue Center to you, you’d probably ask “which one?” If I said, “The one in Coachella,” you’d...

Pet Platter

The Original Mine ™ Pet Platter sent us a great interactive feeding dish to share with our readers.

The Nose Knows

Scent. Every individual has their own unique scent that is as different from person to person as fingerprints. Humans can’t distinguish individual scents. We are...
Hear Doggy! Flats

Win One!

Congratulations to the winner of the Hear Doggy! Flats Giraffe! Watch for new giveaways in the future. Hear Doggy! sent us a great toy to...

Three Keys to Having a Good Dog

Raising a good dog or rescuing a dog—it all starts on day one. It is important to set up the rules and boundaries right...
KATRIS Lynks cat scratchers


KATRIS Lynks cat scratchers are only slightly bigger than most regular cat scratchers, but more powerful in durability, shred-resistant material, and functionality. They are...


Easy-to-use squeezable water dispenser for dogs on the go. Fill it with water and bring it along in the car or on hikes. It...
Hear Doggy! Flats

Hear Doggy! Flats